Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For Those Who Have Asked

For those who have asked, yes, I am very much looking forward to my last day of full time work this coming Friday. It has been a busy time working toward that. The last few days will be busy with a party tomorrow evening and a few hours of work on Friday to take care of all the loose ends. 

As I am very grateful for the good things going on in my life I am devastated by the horror of the wild fires  happening in our state right now. Colorado is on fire and it is horrible. There are no words for how bad I feel for those whose lives are being torn apart by these fires.

Can you imagine what the people standing on the deck in this picture must be feeling?

As I was going to bed last night I couldn't help thinking about those who had been evacuated from their homes, sleeping on a cot in a school gym, knowing that they might not have a home to go back to.
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The temperatures have cooled a little today, from over 100 to the mid-90s. Humidity has gone up from single digits to the mid-20s. There was a little rain in some areas, but lightening from storms can create new danger. Please send all your best thoughts and prayers that these fires will soon be controlled and that those who are fighting them and those who are running from them will be safe.


As they say on TV......and on a much lighter note......a little family sports competition:

My daughter Joanna was reading a "My First Words" book to 21 month old Beck last night. He was saying the words on each page, "boy", "car", "cat". When they turned to the page with a star on it, Beck says "Cowboys". His daddy is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and has apparently indoctrinated Beck very well. Joanna, a Denver Broncos fan, says she has apparently failed since he doesn't call a horse a "Bronco".


  1. I am focusing on the sweet photo of your grandson and his cute response to the picture book. What a memory.

    We are all just broken hearted over what is happening in our state. Be safe up north. We will continue to pray and hope for a quick end to this inferno that continues to affect so many in our beloved state.

    I'll thinking of you on Friday.

  2. Jeanie..
    I too am praying ..
    both for the firefighters..
    who are trying their darnedest..
    to get the fires under control,
    and put out!
    also for those who have lost their homes..
    we all are affected..
    it is our duty to help in whatever way we can..
    cash money to the Red Cross is the best way to help..
    that and continued prayers..
    Your Beck is a sweet, handsome fella..
    Pop over and check out my Brax!
    love and hugs from Denver..
    ps..congrats on your retirement!

  3. LOL with what Beck said! I can see his mom is going to be working a bit harder with him with Broncos :)

    how exciting it is almost winding up at work, Jeanie!

    Living in Southern California, we know the horrors of fires. People have their horror stories from this fire or that fire, how close it got to their house, they were ready to evacuate, etc. So I totally understand about Colorado; such devastation indeed! One can only hope they'll get them contained so very soon!


  4. Congrats on your retirement from full time work! Beck is growing up fast, and I love his association of a star with the Cowboys. I wish I could send some Minnesota flood water to Colorado in the form of gentle rain.

  5. What a smart little boy he is! I am so glad you closed with this upbeat story, Jeanie. Yes, our hearts go out to those affected by the terrible fires.

  6. Beck is adorable, but I must ask: Is that cute little bean a Cowboys fan? Hmmmmmmm...this long-time Packer Backer objects, despite his panache!

  7. Congrats on your retirement and we are all praying that Colorado gets rain soon. I love that the little guy is wearing a Cowboys shirt:)

  8. The news of the fires even reached us down here and I was thinking of you, if you were in danger. Glad you are not and hope they can douse those flames soon!

  9. Hi Jeanie, As I type it is raining here in Windsor, I'm hoping that it pours in F.C. I did just see some lightning though; at least the High Park fire is almost contained but I too worry about those down south in the Springs. Hope the Boulder fire isn't near you.
    Hugs and congrat's on your retirement.

  10. We finally got rain/hail here in Breckenrige this evening. The forest looks wet for the first in a very long time. It's hard to believe the devastation in other areas. Happy Retirement Jeanie! It will be great.

  11. So much devastation. That picture with the people on the deck speaks volumes. do the picture and story of Beck. Congratulations on retirement. You have much to look forward to. May the horror for your state be over soon--although i know there is the aftermath and the rebuilding. I'm so sorry.

  12. Well, you can see already what a brilliant kid Beck is. Love that story.

    We're hearing about Colorado every night on the news and can hardly believe all the devastation going on. We are praying for rain and strength for everyone.

  13. Oh Jeanie, I am so glad you, Doc and Dodger are safe, as well as your family. That picture of the owners on the deck of their home gives me chills... When we lived in CA we were evacuated as the flames from the foothills above us, dropped burning embers and filled our neighborhood with so much smoke we could not see across the street! We had only lived in our new home four months, filled with all new furniture...

    Luckily we came home to smoke smell for three months, scorched stucco and a burnt tree. Our neighborhood was spared due to the San Manuel Indian's fire trucks.

    My heart goes out to all those displaced homeowners, families and fire fighters... I spoke with my other girlfriend in Colorado and she is OK too, but so sad all the forests are gone...

    Your grandson is a little prince. Congratulations on your retirement!!!

  14. We've been following the news about the fires. It's so devastating. We knew people who dealt with it in Texas last year. The not knowing is awful.

    Beck is a gorgeous child!

  15. I am so glad for you to be retiring. It didn't take me long at all to get the hang of not working. I was expecting anxiety and boredom. Not so. I am enjoying not working so much I wish I had done it sooner. So best wishes to you as you discover the fun and excitement and challenges of retirement years.

  16. What a sweet picture! You are going to love not working and having extra time to spend with all of your grandchildren! (but there still won't be enough time for everything!) Enjoy!

  17. Jeanie, I have thought of you and many of my Colorado friends often during these fires. I hope all those you know are able to stay safe and in their homes. And, as you said, on a lighter note, what an adorable "star!"