Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Don't Think I've Gotten Any Plumper Yet

Some time last year my granddaughter, Hope, explained retirement to her little sister, EJ, this way: 

Hope: It means when people get older they retire. They sit at home and watch TV and get plumper while they are waiting to go to the retirement home. 

Now that I am retired  (I love the idea of not working, but the word "retirement" is a little hard for me to deal with),  I am doing my best to avoid Hope's expectations of what I will be doing. I had a wonderful retirement party at work. I won't show any pictures of that since I don't have people's permission to use them. I was surprised and a little embarrassed to get a lot of great gifts, but this card made by Hope, EJ and Beck will be especially cherished.

I have been "retired"  for nearly a week. Some of what I have been doing to avoid spending too much time plumping up on the couch includes:

Trying some delicious peaches at a local farmers market. 

Cheering Jared and Justin on as they tried to dunk their mom at the pool on the 4th of July.

Going with Hope and EJ to a spa day at a kid's salon that their mom had gotten a coupon for. This was a special, one time treat, not a regular thing for these little girls. Hope loved it.

EJ wasn't so sure about it, but insisted she wanted to do it. We told her over and over that she didn't have to have anything done. She said she definitely wanted her nails painted and then insisted on taking it off immediately after it was done.

She especially wanted to get a feather and a tinsel put in her hair. Despite the look on her face, she insisted that she thought it was lots of fun.....mostly she just likes to like what her big sister likes. 

Today I got to watch Justin, almost 9, play a tennis match. He won, 5 games to 1, I think. It was interesting to watch him being all business on the tennis court and then return to his usual goofy self when we went to lunch afterward.

Thanks to my family, so far I have been able to avoid too much couch time (though I have to admit to spending a little too much time playing the computer Mah Jong came that I am a bit addicted to).  I'll keep you posted on my efforts to keep from getting plumper.


  1. I don't think you'll be sitting much, Jeanie. Your Grands are super-photogenic. Enjoy this new freedom!

  2. Loved the card and her explanation was priceless. Nope, We don't want to be "plumping up". LOL Looks like you've been having a lot of fun and that's exactly as it should be. Congratulations on your retirement!

  3. Congrats and welcome to the special "plump" club!!! I am so happy for you, especially retiring during the summer when the kids are available to keep you busy!

    I'm retired for a different reason, but am enjoying it the same!

    Your pictures are wonderful! Before I left, my girls and I did Pedis together. It was fun!!!

  4. Such a cute your grands made for your retirement Jeanie!! It sounds like you had a wonderful first week of it! I'm sure you'll find things to do to keep yourself off the couch, LOL. (but I have to admit, hubby gained a few pounds this past year with him not working, he won't admit it, but certain pants he can't wear......enough said) so do watch out. I think it insidiously creeps up on someone if they aren't paying attention to it.

    liked all the pictures :)


  5. Sounds like you are keeping busy enough not to plump up.

  6. I'm sure you will keep busy with something or other. You don't seem the type to lounge around. And playing Mahjong is training your brain, not a waste of time. LOL

    Happy Retirement!

  7. I have definitely gained weight since I retired, despite going on NutriSystem for the 3rd time. Lol. Hope the same does not happen to you. Good luck and happy retirement!

  8. Congratulations! For me it has ben exactly 2 months today and I know what you mean about saying that word!

    You will love all the extra things you get to do with all of them! Great picutres.

  9. It's funny how time gets taken up when you retire. We are always busy doing this or that. You'll find you soon won't have enough time again. You have the most gorgeous grandchildren.

  10. Doesn't sound like you'll get plumper any time soon!!


  11. Give yourself some time to adjust and things will happen naturally for you. I had no idea what I would really be doing and now I am having so much fun doing things I didn't know I would be doing. I have been embroidering and doing candle wicking and reading and playing Mexican Train dominoes, and learning to play a card game called Samba and got my sewing machine out and have been making pillows.I am thinking of making some sheer curtains too. I am still so involved at the senior center and have ideas for some fun things to do there. Most of these things I have mentioned in this comment I had no idea I would be doing. They have evolved as I have made friends. There are times now that I am so busy that I take a day off to just be home. Ha. It will be fun to see your retirement evolve too and I know you will fill your days with things that bring you joy and a feeling of accomplishment.

  12. I guess I'm retired : ) Actually I stopped working full time when we moved to England and haven't gone back since we moved stateside. I manage to fill my days but I do think it helps to put things on the calendar. I'd definitely get a little lazy otherwise, plus I need things to look forward to, even if its a trip to the dentist.

  13. Well, as you can probably tell, I've been on a wee vacation and catching up! My! What a bunch of major events you are having. Retirement is certainly my dream! Congratulations!

  14. Your retirement looks like it is going great! sandie