Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Had A Dream......Again, But Why Now?

I used to have a recurring dream, but I haven't had the dream for years....until last night.

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In the dream I am in college and I am going to take a final exam for a Spanish class that I have never attended. Sometimes I woke up just as I was entering the classroom in a panic and other times it lasted through actually starting to take the test, still in a panic. The funny thing is that I never took Spanish in college.

I wonder why I had this dream again after not having it for many, many years. I am no expert in dream interpretation, but my best guess is that a dream like that might mean that I am anticipating something happening in my life that I am not prepared for. That could be a little scary, except I am never prepared for much that happens anyway. Or maybe I just shouldn't have had that extra glass of red wine last night.

Do you have a recurring dream?

Have you had one that stopped and then came back years later?

Do you think dreams have meaning or are just random?

Do you think I should just skip the red wine tonight?


  1. Or maybe you could drink one more glass and you´d be out cold and not dream at all. :)
    No dreams here. But this is interesting.

  2. I used to have a similar dream, but back then, I deserved it. I would cut classes at least once a week and go to the beach. The guilt was overwhelming!

    Have another glass of wine!

  3. I'd vote for the wine myself.

    Yep, since is was three or so I've had a dream where elephants chase me. (this can occur in different physical locations but the scenario is the same) One always charges and has me cornered just before I awake. I will go years and then it comes back to me, I have no clue why. My mother has always blamed it on the fact that I watched a movie called "Elephant Walk". What was she thinkin' lettin' a little chicklett watch such a movie????

    God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

  4. I had a recurring dream as a child but none in adulthood. So far. See if you have the dream again, write down as much as you can remember in the morning.

  5. Oh yeah, I dream A LOT. I used to enjoy interpreting dreams. Your dream about taking a Spanish test and you have never taken Spanish, might indicate your lack of confidence in something new coming into your life, or has already arrived and you are anxious about it, in not knowing how to handle it. You might feel judged or concerned you won't be able to rise to the challenge. Pay attention to how you feel in the dream. Often the details of the dream help figure it out. The symbolism of "not measuring up" or "making the grade" show worry and concern.

    I believe we each have all we need to answer our deepest questions within us, but often we don't believe or have the confidence we can solve it ourselves.

    I have what I call, NINJA dreams. Some shadowed figure jumps on me and I battle with my ninja and have a knock down drag out battle. I wake up exhausted. Usually this means I am battling myself and not listening to my gut.

    Nezzy: I too saw "Elephant Walk" with Elizabeth Taylor...having animals chase us or people chase us is usually anxiety or feeling threatened in our awake real life. Some times one can have a traumatic experience with a particular animal in recurring dreams. I read once we should tell ourselves to turn around and ask our chaser why they are chasing us...or to confront the fear of a particular animal, research it by demystifying it.

    I used to have dreams my teeth were falling out. I have always been anal about my teeth, so when I had that bridge fiasco awhile back and the dentist broke off my bride and the anchor tooth, ending in the extraction of said was my worst nightmare! I read a lot of menapausal woman dream of losing teeth because it can signify fear of growing older...

    There are a lot of common dreams besides the chasing, teeth, failing tests, there are falling and flying and naked dreams. I am sure we have all had them!

    Fascinating subject. Great post Jeanie!

  6. I have a dream that's kind of the same...I am trying to get to someone and I can't!

  7. I believe that's a classic anxiety dream. In my version, the test scores are posted, and I realize I missed the classes AND the exam. It would recur when I was under pressure and feeling underprepared. Another stress-related dream involved trying to find the conference room where I was supposed to give a presentation. So are you feeling like you're stretched too thin?

    The wine is a mixed can relax you but it can also disrupt your sleep. Maybe just spend a few minutes figuring out where the pressure is coming from?

  8. Maybe it is a sign that your 7th grandchild is about to make his appearance and you aren't quite ready yet!! : )

  9. LOL never skip the wine :)

    I am not into dream interpretations, like you said you weren't either. I know lots of people are. I used to have three recurrent dreams. One was that I had to go the bathroom but could never find a place to go (makes me wonder if I had to go in real life and just didn't want to get out of a warm bed :) a second one was not remembering my locker combination in high school and the third was crossing a street and hearing a car coming and hurrying to get across the street. Have no idea what if anything they mean. I sometimes dream about my mom, dead almost 4 years, they are always nice dreams but I always remember in them that she is dead. I think the worst recurrent dreams I have had (but not lately is that hubby cheats on me - never has/will happen - always want to punch him in the morning when I wake up :)

    so really, I honestly don't know......


  10. I used to have a recurring nightmare of being trapped in a fire when I was a kid.

    I do believe that dreams are one way our subconscious tries to sort out our thoughts and feelings.

  11. Maybe you should learn Spanish.

    I've had similar dreams but with different subjects.

    I have several recurring dreams. I think they have some sort of meaning but I'm usually too lazy to figure them out.

    Here's what Dream Moods has to say about test dreams:

  12. You and I must be on the same wavelength, chica. I have the exact SAME dream, including the fact that it's a Spanish class. I dream this about twice a month. I actually wake up sometimes with a terrible pit in my stomach. More like a nightmare, really!

  13. I used to have recurring dreams but I haven't for a few years now. I do have a lot of writing dreams, though, where I have stories come into my head totally complete. It's really odd. I get up and type them and then go back to bed. Just weird.

  14. Hey...I am never prepared for much of anything either (o:
    When I was a kid I use to have a dream about Monkeys roller-skating in the grocery store. Kind of wish I would have it again (o:
    I have dreams every now and then about houses. Always very interesting house that have lots of crazy rooms in them... never new and fancy. One time in one of these houses I was remarking that it had a ramp...and about that time my best friends Mom came down the ramp and hugged me and kept on going. She had been dead for awhile when I had the dream. She dies in her late eighties. In the dream she was in her prime...with he "Face On" which meant she had on makeup and red lipstick. It was like a great little visit from the past. I am NOT going to try to interrupt that one (o:

  15. I don't think you should skip the wine. That might make the dreams worse!

    I do have a repeating dream - I usually have it when I am ill or very stressed, but I haven't had it lately.

  16. That's an interesting dream Jeanie. Not sure what it means though.

    I dream often but can't remember having any recurring dreams. Then again I know I dream but I rarely remember them. I just remember waking up and thinking "that was strange".

    Maybe I should try wine :-)

    Happy weekend, jj

  17. nice to have dreams like that.

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