Thursday, September 16, 2010

Internet Naivete

I have never pretended to be computer savvy or internet savvy, but my naivete about "how things work" has been pointed out to me in the last few days. I have very recently written a couple of posts about having a new grandson, one of them with the title New Baby. Since that post I have received e-mail after e-mail after e-mail for baby products. I have been offered baby toys, baby shoes, birth announcements, baby blankets, baby shower gifts and on and on.

I know companies have programs that search for words throughout the internet that relate to what they have to sell, but I never expected that search extended as far as an obscure little blog. I have found it pretty funny and maybe a little disturbing. It kind of makes me want to post on some other specific topics just to see what new things I might get e-mails about. It is not likely that I will be writing about sex, but if I did I bet that would bring some interesting offers.

Does anyone know any more about this than I do or have you had a similiar experience after a post?


  1. I know nothing, but will be anxious to read further comments to your post.
    Hmmm, my last blog was about being a woman, I wonder what I can expect in return???

  2. Kind of like when you got a comment from YMCA of the Rockies after posting about our trip there. Hmmm....

  3. interesting, but I'm clueless; like you said, they probably found you by the labels you might assign to an entry? probably there is some search agent that has been developed that electronically does this for companies to get people's businesses. I haven't had any experience like that; closest thing I can relate to is someone found my blog one time and wanted me to do a movie review for a movie they had done (it was a clean movie, LOL) and then do a post aobut it on my blog. It was a cute movie so I agreed (I told them I would be honest in my assessment of the movie). But I wondered how they found my blog so maybe it was through a search like I mentioned.


  4. I've been approached by the CSN Promo stores to provide a giveaway item. A couple different people working on masters is Psychology wanting to link to your blog to compare your blog personality with your real personality.

    My sweet DIL homeschools and has four children. She has been given many products to keep for her blog review. She has also received many different homeschooling curriculums to review and keep.

    I am so not savvy in the technology of blogland but if you have a sitemeter on your sight you can see the refering ULR's and see how people are finding your sight. It also tells you the number of hits, where they are from etc. Go hit mine and play around with it a little. It's easy to install...I did it all by myself! :o)

    I get many hits from searches for songs because of my post title. I'm shock on how many people search for cow are they gonna do with 'em! Heeehehehehe

    God bless and have a super great day!

    So if we posted on armored cars, banks and mints would they want to send us some money????

  5. Nezzy...or think you were going to rob something???

  6. Subjects in our blogs are monitored and from time to time I do receive emails, but most of them are intercepted on my computer. Thank goodness. I know you are enjoying another grandchild. She is so beautiful. Congratulations to your whole family.

  7. These robots go round looking for tags and categories and then send spam. Your blogspot spam filter should be catching the spam so all you have to do is delete them.

  8. Now that you mentioned "sex" and "offers" in this post, I wonder if they will catch that too. :)

  9. I haven't been bothered by companies wanting to shove their products down my throat but the first time I posted my "Bum Plug" series...A BELOW THE BELT COMMENTARY ON A SENSITIVE ISSUE I had strange followers showing an interest in my blog.

    I had to block several "questionable" followers from my blog. When I clicked on their names i was taken to sites that had very racy content.

    I don't know...I've never googled Bum Plug to see where it would take me....

    The family/baby pictures are gorgeous.

  10. Hmm. I write on a myriad of topics and I get nothing!

    Think I'll write something on Pomeranians, new cars, and six-packs of beer...


  11. I have always gotten so much junk email I haven't a clue where it comes from but I have read a few articles on increasing blog traffic and they all talk about how things are driven by key words.

  12. The only thing I can think of is last year I did a post about my love for Cheerios cereal as a kid. I got some feedback on that which wasn't from other bloggers. In fact, if you remember Gene London who did the kids show on early Saturday mornings? I mentioned him in the post and got a response from him.

  13. I don't know either but would love to get an email for free products or to do a book review. Wondering how to do that!

  14. I have never had this happen.
    Certainly don't post about sex! lol

  15. If you're getting spam posts change your ability to comment to "registed" guests only. This will cut out about 95 percent of them.

    Sorry that's happening to you.