Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Year, Another Parade......Tradition Is Good

My family attended our little town's Labor Day Parade today, something we have done for well over 20 years. My youngest daughter, shown here with my oldest grandson who is nearly 10, was younger than he is when we first started going.

It isn't a fancy parade, but it is long. There are several high school bands, a lot of old cars, dancers, horses, politics and patriotism. It starts with police cars and fire engines and ends with big trucks representing the labor unions.

We get there early and line up with the kids in front so they can catch their share of the candy that is thrown by nearly every group that goes by.

The little girls like to dance

and show their babies all that is going on.

And my kids are not above using their kids to promote a little bit of sibling political rivalry.

Speaking of babies, we are looking forward to welcoming a new little one very soon.

Maybe our Mexican food lunch after the parade, also part of our tradition, will hurry him along.

Tradition is good


  1. That looks like it could be a Chevy's for dinner!
    What a wonderful day it must have been. Great pictures with lots of smiles!

    Thanks for sharing such a fun tradition!

  2. Oh yes! Tradition is mostly good. Looks like the weather was perfect and everyone was having a good time!
    Joanna looks just about ready for that baby. :)
    Have a good week Jeanie!

  3. Heeehehehe, that political sign just cracked me up. Girl you have one beautiful family there! Yep, tradition is good!!! :o)

    God bless you and enjoy the day!!!

  4. I love tradition!! Great pictures!!!

  5. sounds like such a fun tradition! I love tradition, especially ones like this because I'm sure you guys have the way you do things, get there early, be at this spot, that type of thing. Looks like a cute parade too! I never heard of candy being thrown out at a parade until we lived in Montana and the first parade we went to up there, people were throwing candy to the crowd. I guess it is not a Southern California custom. How exciting too to have a new family member arriving soon!


  6. Looks like a wonderful tradition. After all, traditions are all about creating memories.

  7. I love a parade of any kind. We usually attend the annual 4th of July and Halloween parades around here. And of course, a world series championship parade when and if they happen.

  8. Such nice pictures and what a beautiful and fun day. You have a lovely family, Jeanie.

  9. Tradition is a good thing and we are so lucky when we can keep them going.

  10. The picture of your daughter with her son facing front doesn't show she is pregnant. Not until the profile picture. Wow. She looks great. You day with family and tradition is so lovely.

  11. I forgot they have a parade over there
    looks like fun (o:
    aren't those 3 margarita chairs??? (o:

  12. Hi Jeanie, O.k. so this is so cute-cause your photos look very similar to mine. Are you here in my town? Check out my photos-cause if you are you'll know and then we'll have to meet in person.
    Glad you had fun, we did too.

  13. I love a parade-- and Mexican food. It looks like a perfect day!
    Cheers, jj

  14. Lafayette? Louisville? Looks like 3 Margrita's to me.