Monday, August 30, 2010

Cell Phone Etiquette.......Revisited

I know it is improper, impolite and maybe illegal to repeat a post from long ago, but sometimes a topic is so important to the well-being of humanity that it has to be revisited. I apologize to whose of you who are loyal enough to still be coming around since I wrote this post last December, but I hope you agree that this is too important to ignore and it seems that there are still some people I know who have ignored it.
(This repeat has nothing to do with the fact that my blog brain has been mush lately...well, almost nothing)

There's a lot of talk about cell phone etiquette, but I have an issue that I never hear discussed and I think it needs to be addressed. When you are talking to someone and one or both of you are on a cell phone it is not unusual to be talking, talking, talking and suddenly realize that no one is listening. The call has dropped.

Here's what usually happens with me when a call is dropped. I realize I'm talking to no one, so I immediately call back the person I was talking to. The call goes right to their voice mail because, of course, they are trying to call me back, getting my voice mail because I am trying to call them back. I think, oh, he/she is calling me back, so I wait a minute for the phone to ring. He/she thinks, oh, she is trying to call me back, and they wait a minute for the phone to ring. When the phone doesn't ring within a few moments, I think, oh, he/she is waiting for me to call back, so I call and he/she........well, you get the picture.

I'm suggesting an easy solution that will save us all a lot of time if only you will accept me as the Queen of Cell Phone Etiquette and follow this rule: The person who placed the original call is ALWAYS the one to call back. Simple. Easy. Problem solved.

I hope I don't end up going to blog jail for this repeat, but if I do I will consider it worth it in the spirit of public service.


  1. I have had that happen and it is frustrating
    I agree with your solution (o:
    I think it is fine to repeat a post topic
    kind of like when we say to a friend...
    "Did I already tell you this?" then repeat it anyway (o:

  2. I hadn't seen this one last year; it is really cute! I like your etiquette system for dropped calls, though; got something there indeed!


  3. It is such a simple solution! Wonder how many will think of it when it happens to them?

  4. I have suggested that solution to my entire family but rarely does it work. That makes me crazy too.

  5. Believe it or not this is the route I always take. I figure they'll call back or if not...they are finished. I never take it personally.

    No apologies sister, some thing really bear repeatin'! Like your just the best! :o)

    God bless ya and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

  6. Yes, this was important enough to post again! I love it. Made me laugh and applaud in response. I´m all for this rule. It´s so annoying, especially when talking to my daughter, because with her I never know, if she´ll call back or not... :)

  7. Hi there, I'm so glad you reposted this because I didn't know you last December and I for one think it is an excellent suggestion and from now on I'm going to follow this rule. Thanks for the tip, been on the end of a dropped call and it is frustrating but hopefully this will help.
    Have a glorious day in our beautiful state.

  8. I'm glad you re-posted this because I had not seen it the first time! Thanks for the top!!

  9. BWAHAHAHAHA......that is EXACTLY how it happens too. Both people do the same thing, or wait, at the same time. Your rule is simple, and everyone should take your advice.

  10. Everyone repeats a blog post now and then!

    I agree - the person who phoned should phone back...

  11. I remember this post and I still agree with your solution.

    You only get one phone call from blog jail, you know.

  12. Uh oh. I never knew it was possibly illegal to recycle blog posts. I hope I have time to bake a file into a cake for you before they pick me up!

    This is a great solution. Now I just need everyone in the world to do it!