Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baseball Birthday

My youngest grandson, Wil, (youngest for at least a few more weeks until our new little boy is born) is turning 5. He had his birthday party today and it was all about baseball for this little guy. He just started kindergarten, loves it, but says he can't remember what he does there. He knows a lot about baseball (just ask him), and shows signs of being a math whiz.

He played some baseball.

He had a Colorado Rockies cake.

Making a wish before you blow out the candle takes some thought,

but you know when you got it right.

There were lots of cousins and friends there.

It took some strong arms to get these 2 two year olds to hold still for a picture.

Even Jared was a little camera shy after he tried to catch a baseball with his nose.
(It didn't bleed for long)

The baseball pinata was a bit "hit" with everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday to the little guy! I can tell he makes you proud. :) I hope his wish comes true.

  2. Happy 5th birthday....what a fun party....

  3. Happy Birthday, Wil!

    You have a beautiful family, Jeanie.

  4. A very happy birthday #5 to Master Wil. He looks so cute in his big old shorts! It looks like the little fella had a very special birthday!

    That cake was great, I bet it was deeeelicious!

    God bless ya and have a super weekend with your beautiful family!!1

  5. How fun was this party! It looks like a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Will!

  6. My sweet rylan just turned five last Friday. She likes school...I feel like she is soooo young. That party looks like a great HIT (o: My oldest son's BD is in Oct. and every year he wanted a football party. Worked out good. Have boys over to the neighborhood park and let them all play football. Feed them and that's it (o:

  7. Oh, what beautiful children...and a BASEBALL pinata! Awesome! Happy Birthday to Wil!

  8. Oh my, I love that baseball pinata! What a lovely birthday.

  9. Beautiful family! Sounds like you had a fun day!

  10. Nothing beats a young person's birthday party, the sheer anticipation and joy of it all, showing them how excited WE were that someone so special was born into our particular family. And these theme parties geared to their interests are a delight - my 4yr old grandson STILL talks about his batman part a year ago! I know Wil will also remember this one - a belated happy birthday, dude!

  11. Hope Wil's birthday was great fun for him. The cake looks delicious and the pinata looks so high.

  12. The birthday party looks like a great time. Love the pinata.

    Not sure how you stood no a/c last week - it was hot here!

    I know what you mean about typos.

    I know I wouldn't get my checkbook out to preserve the GWTW dresses, but also hope they are saved.

    I have not been on the computer for about 10 days, been way to hectic at my house, so I am catching up this afternoon.

  13. A baseball party! The perfect theme!!

    It's great that he loves baseball so early in life. I'm sure he's pretty good too. And I love that pinata.

    Ahem....why wasn't I invited? LOL

  14. Love the bday pictures! Looks like it was a lot of fun!! My girls could never remember what they did in school!

  15. Happy Birthday to Wil. I love the baseball piñata.

  16. Must be fun to have a birthday for a grandson. The neighborhood looks less green than ours in southern California. No palm trees!

  17. happy belated birthday to your grandson! what a cutie and I love the theme for his party! Can't go wrong with a baseball pinata and a Rockies cake!! hope he has a great year of kindergarten!!