Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six Word Saturday

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I thought this was worth borrowing

My daughter posted this on her Facebook page. I liked it a lot so I "borrowed" it because I thought it was worth sharing more.

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  1. How thoughtful and reflective. TFS!


  2. ~l♥♥♥ve it...keep your snit to yourself...i am a stay at home mama and think this is a fabulous article though there will always be so many that still will NEVER understand...only when it is their the moment...they may fully grasp what a mother truly is...thank you so for sharing this...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Right on! She really knows how to answer, so that everyone can understand.... :)

  4. absolutely loved her response to this no-kid person. I don't think anyone really knows how it is to be a parent until they walk in those shoes and be a parent themselves.

    thanks for sharing this Jeanie!


  5. She NAILED! Keep your snit to yourself is the best advice column advice I've ever read. This was totally worth borrowing. Might even borrow it myself.

    Love you!

  6. What a concise and true summary of motherhood! Could you send a copy of this to my email? (I tried to copy/paste it, but they wouldn't let me!) (

  7. I just caught up
    where have i been and kids...
    what was iI thinking when I decis=ded to do a Grammy camp with each kid? I am a little exhausted but love it (o:

    Love that article!!! Believe a Daycare provider I have seen every kind of Mom. One of my pet peeves is the 2 hours tacked on a long day away from the kid to go to the gym and unwind....10 hours or more away from your kid....something is wrong with that. Or the Mom that comes early and gets home at 5...she asks you not to give the kid a nap because she puts them down at 7:00....Crazy. Guess what...everyone naps here (o:

    Love the red shorts and red truck post
    My son has a car dealership in Longmont called Insight Automotive
    he pretty much tries to find what the person is looking for. Gets them online or at auctions.

  8. Oh Em Gee! Anytime someone is naive enough to ask the question, "What do stay at home moms do all day", they've already shown me they're beyond hope!

    Great post!

  9. Some folks just need a little straightening out, correctamundo?

  10. So many young mothers are missing out because they decided to go to work, even though I do understand that some have to work. Blessed is the one who stays home. In spite of all the work the rewards are huge. WE understand that!! They are only children for a short time...

  11. I'm passing this on to all my mom friends.

  12. I was lucky to stay home with my 3 sons, and was always busy. I think my friend, who has always worked and also has 3 sons, summed it up best: I prefer to be at the office where I can sit at my desk and have my coffee and work without all the interruptions. It's easier at work.

  13. I'm so glad the answer was so clear. Sounds like Tacoma needs her own mom to give her some attention, what a baby! And I think it's a good thing Tacoma is not a mom!