Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ice Cream Truck

Friday was kind of a bad news day for me and I was feeling a little out of sorts when I went out in the evening to water a planter on the porch. A few moments after I went out I began to hear that tinkling calliope sounding music that signals the nearness of an ice cream truck. I love a lot of things about summer....the beautiful warm breezes, blooming flowers, little girls in summer dresses, but there is nothing that expresses the quintessential personality of summer to me more than the sound of an ice cream truck.

Just hearing that sound immediately took my mind away from the news of the day and back to the times when I was a little girl waiting with coins in my hand for the ice cream truck to come down my street, and to my own children, waiting with what by then had to be dollars, for the music to come closer. My spirit was lifted, at least for a time, by that tinny, tinkling sound.

Ice cream trucks come in many shapes and sizes,

lots of colors,

and, apparently, lifestyles.

They bring the anticipation of summer treats that seem to never lose their appeal.

The really good news is that it seems that they now come in an adult version, which is what I probably really needed on Friday night.

Images from Bing Images


  1. I'm loving the cocktail truck! I hope he comes down my street today:)

  2. Jeanie..
    whatever the bad news of the day..
    I do hope your spirits remained lifted!
    Ice cream can..
    and does do wonders for the soul!
    warm sandy hugs..

  3. Our Chattanooga paper had an article about ice cream trucks just this morning, about how they do their best business when temps are in the 80s, cuz over 90 and no one wants to leave their house! Also, one lady commented that with her four kids and maybe a friend, a visit from the ice cream truck can easily cost $10-15! This day and age, no telling what a cocktail would cost!

  4. Love your pictures of ice cream trucks. "They come in many shapes and sizes...lifestyles, too"
    I am right there with you about the memories!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I hope your news improves.


  5. Ice cream trucks still exist? I didn´t know. They represent the best childhood memories for me and I wouldn´t even need a cocktail to brighten my day... :)

  6. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. What a hoot.

    We have ice cream trucks that circle our neighborhood but I've never had one stop. Next time I'll take a closer look to see what kind it is. Maybe there'll be a Hot Fudge Sundae Truck.

    Feel good,
    xo jj

  7. Funny (o:
    Did you buy yourself an ice cream?
    I did not have ice cream trucks where I grew up...poor me
    hope you are feeling up

  8. Whoa! Send that cocktail truck to my neighborhood!

  9. Oh does that take me back. Every summer I would visit my Grandmother in Albuquerque. Most afternoons I was ready and waiting for the ice cream truck to whip it's luscious treats through the neighborhood but there was this one day my Aunt charged out the door running after this very colorful truck. The back door flung open and she was invited in. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks realizing it was a psychedelic "Hippy Wagon." Heeehehehe, ya just gotta know my Aunt!

    I sure hope your day is goin' well my friend. God bless ya!

  10. I remember those trucks too! Very fondly I might add!

  11. I love ice-cream trucks too... especially the sunny songs they play. The big gay one looks interesting!!

  12. Great post. I too love the sound of the bells and/or jingly music. I remember my favorite treat was a vanilla icecream bar with a piece of chocolate inside. It was 25 cents when everthing else was 10 cents [19602]. The last time I bought one [don't remember year], it was a $1.25 and everything else was $.75. I'm figuring if they still sell it today, it must be about $3.00. Alas, I liked the grown-up truck idea.

  13. I remember running home as a child when I heard the ice cream truck and begging for money!! Sadly they were not around so much when my kids were little.

  14. Never have seen a Big Gay Ice Cream truck! Ha.
    Like you, it made me happy to see the smiles on my kids' faces when I waited for the ice cream truck to get to them.

  15. The Cocktail of those ideas, like the Post It Note, etc., that I should have thought about, but didn't. Ah, me...wonder if they franchise?

  16. First of all, good wishes to you, Jeanie.
    I love icecream trucks as well and the little jingle coming down the street makes one want to have a house full of little children trying to beat the truck before it's on it's way...
    Teh cocktail one looks mighty interesting...Hmm

  17. Oh, I hope that your spirits have lightened a little!

  18. We did not have ice cream trucks in my small town, but we do have one in our neighborhood now - someday I might have to treat myself.

    Sorry to read about your friend, but so glad he has a positive attitude - it does make a difference.

  19. I remember my kids running to get ice creams. I'd run to the cocktail one if it showed up, depending on the time.

  20. I'm glad something took your mind off of your troubles. I love ice cream trucks. I've always wanted to have one although I'm sure I would tire of it, but it just seems like people would always be happy to see you.

  21. Being from the same era as you, I can relate to the sound of the ice cream truck and the feeling you get when you hear it. But I just love that last truck. Yeah baby!

  22. the sounds of an icecream truck always remind me of lazy summer afternoons when I was a kid....we couldn't wait to hear an icecrem truck and run insisde to get our quarter...