Monday, July 5, 2010

Doc And Dodger Go To Hollywood, Or Maybe Not

I have mentioned before that Doc is a just a little twitterpated about our dog, Dodger. I'm often required to agree that "yes, he is a very handsome boy"  or to come see something really cute or smart that Dodger is doing. So when a a couple of people at the dog park yesterday said nice things about Dodger, Doc came home with a little extra swagger. One lady said Dodger was so cute that he should be in commercials. Another said that he looked like a Hollywood dog and that he should be in movies. Doc has now started calling him "Hollywood".

Of course, I think Dodger is a very handsome boy, in a scruffy sort of way.

But I think I am going to need to remind Doc of a couple of things. Apart from the fact that we probably don't want to expose our boy to all the temptations Hollywood has to offer, his level of training probably doesn't make him a very good candidate for a movie career. I think he would at least have to learn to sit before the second or third request.

Then there is the problem that his eyes often look very shiny or bright green in pictures.

 And he can sometimes be a bit camera shy.

Hmm, maybe those shiny eyes could get him a bit part in a horror movie.


  1. hollywood! that's great!

    but you know i'm all in favor of your book series first!

  2. LOL! I think Dodger is the cutest guy too. He looks so spunky. :) Maybe you should send some head shots to the "doggy agencies". :)

  3. I agree with hubby and the dog park people - Dodger is a real eye catcher, even if his are occasionally shiney green! You just can't beat a terrier's face for character and personality. Who knows, maybe he'll make you rich!

  4. Yes he is adorable
    check out my Granddaog on my newest post
    he is sitting on the DIL's lap
    he didn't even bark at the fireworks (o:
    he has been trained by 'Sit Means Sit' and it makes such a difference
    I have to check that name to make sure it is right

    Love the new toilet
    hope it is not a tradition....a new one every year (o:

    So glad Addison got another ball
    that is so sad that they stole his toy

  5. Hollywood! how cute! I love it when you post about the dog. But then I am a dog nut, just like your husband.

  6. LOL with getting him to sit before the second or third attempts. He is a cute dog though, reminded me of that movie "All because of Winn Dixie" or whatever the name. I think it takes incredible talent to train the animals they use in commercials, TV shows or movies and I don't think I have that talent (patience) with Koda. If Dodger does end up in Hollywood, I'm first in line for his Paw print autograph :)


  7. I thought Dispatch made his eyes shiny green when he didn't want his picture taken?
    Dodger is a cutie though. ANd it only takes 3 requests to sit? Without food in your hand? Dis says I don't have to do anything if you don't have food.....

  8. He's adorable and his scruffiness just adds to his approachability factor! I'm just not sure you would want all the attention to go to his head.

  9. He's adorable! And I must tell you..."twitterpated" is one of my family's favorite words.

  10. Yes, the shiny eyes are a bit spooky. He is cute and could be in the movies.

  11. Knock, knock, Hollywood calling.
    He's VERY cute,

  12. Such a handsome boy, I agree. Hollywood? Even if he got an offer don't entice him with it. He won't be that cute, adorable and sweet dog anymore. He'll be a BRAT!

  13. He could play in the new movie, "Dodger and me." Doc needs to start contacting Hollywood agents. I live close by, need help?

  14. Dodger is a handsome boy for sure! How tall is he? Personally, I would ask for his, pawgraph. He looks like he is a moviestar!

  15. Scruffy is good! Just look at Brad Pitt! I think he was even in a vampire movie, so Dodger definitely has a future in the film industry - glowing eyes and all. And as for his behavior...well... haven't you heard? The worse you are {waving at Lindsay Lohan} the more work you get.

    I think the dude has star quality, Jeanie! Don't hold him back!

  16. He has star quality.. but all Hollywood dogs are so very obedient, aren't they? I think all that fame might go to his, or Doc's, head though...

  17. I can see it now....Doger (Hollywood) on Elm Street! Heeehehehe! He's way to cute for that! Doc is just one proud papa!

    God bless ya....I just had to pop in and see what ya'll have been up to. Don't tell.....I'm bloggin' under the radar. :o)

    I do want to thank you so much for your prayers and support, they lift me up.