Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Midsummer Family Cookout, Birthdays and Family Pics, With Only A Couple Of Rough Moments

My family got together for a cookout on Friday evening at my son and daughter-in-law's  house to celebrate some birthdays. There is a great park right across the street from their house so there was plenty of activity for everyone.

There was lots of baseball,

Bike riding,

scooter riding,

and fun on the playground.

There was some love between cousins,

and taking turns when it came time to blow out the candles on the birthday cake.

Apart from a little lapse in cousinly love that resulted in a biting incident between the 2 year olds and a little pulled muscle in my leg, from (I would like to say sliding into home) a slow trot to first base following a hit that didn't quite make it to the pitcher, it was a very fun evening.

My favorite gift, a new picture of all of my grandkids..


  1. What a wonderful celebration! I love to see when the cousins get together (as well as siblings) and enjoy each other like this. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Nice pictures of the kids riding and playing. The photo of all the grandkids is lovely.

  3. what a precious picture of your grands!! they are sooo beautiful/handsome!! sounds like a fun gathering (sorry about your pulled muscle though)

    enjoy your day :)


  4. You are truly blessed with a great bunch! They look so great together! Sounds like a perfect day and I hope the pulled muscle will be better soon. I guess grandma´s need to be careful how they move..... :)

  5. Oh it sounds like you had so much fun!! 6 Grands.....You are so lucky!! Beautiful picture!1

  6. What a lovely family! Hope your leg is OK today.

  7. Aren't those the very best of days? GREAT PHOTO of the Grands!! You've got some cute genes in your family!

  8. Oh, those grandbabies are adorable! You are one lucky grandma!

    The biting incident...yep, been there!

    BTW, stopped over from Matty's blog :-)

  9. What a precious team those grandkiddos make! It looks as if everyone had a blast! Take care of that pulled muscle! I had to chuckle at the bitin' twos. Twos just love to bite. My son ran up to a stranger at the bank at this age and bit the well suited guy on the leg. When the fella yelled, "hey lady...your kid bit me." The only words that would come forth was, " I'm truly so sorry....he's had all his shots!" Heeehehehe!!!

    Have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

  10. What joy to see a family enjoying each other..
    You had all the ingredients; children, games, food, laughter, sunny day, nature all around and parents and grand-parents soaking it up.
    This is wonderful..

  11. Looks like a fun time with family and you had some beautiful weather. Take care of that pulled muscle and be sure to warm up next time you decide to play some ball! Have a great week.

  12. That picture of your grand kids is so great.

    I saw you slide into base. It was spectacular.

  13. so much fun
    love the pictures!!!
    so they are not all siblings in that last photo?
    You were very honest about your great baseball injury (o: My friend is in a great exercise class....and I am so jealous (but unwilling to spend the money and hurt that bad) she is so much stronger than me and much less likly to have an injury... poor me!
    2 year olds bite sometimes....we just have to hope no parent came unglued.

  14. You know, our kids are almost grown, and when all the cousins get together, I swear there's always something akin to a "biting incident" at our place, too. These snaps are certainly superior!

  15. A pulled muscle here, a torn meniscus there.....all for the love of the game. LOL