Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swimming With The Big Dogs

Our experience with our dog, Dodger, is that he does not like water. When we get him out of the car at the place where we give him a bath he starts to shake and pulls as hard as he can on the leash to go the other way. When there is water running in a shower or a bathtub, he will not go near the bathroom. If we are using a hose outside or the sprinklers come on, he immediately runs into the house. If he sticks his head out of the dog door and there is even a sprinkle of rain, he comes right back in. He even walks around puddles.

So we were very surprised when he was running with a couple of bigger dogs at the dog park and ran right with them into the dog swimming pond. Doc was afraid Dodger couldn't swim and thought he was going to have to go in after him. I told him they call it "dog paddling" for a reason. It is something dogs know how to do. (Doc is a little over-protective where Dodger is concerned)


He ran into the water without a moments hesitation.

He retrieved sticks

and balls.

He swam

and played with the big dogs.

Doc didn't even have to get his feet wet.

Today he got to meet Vista, the new puppy in my daughter Jill's family.

Even though he was brave enough to swim with the big dogs, I suspect Dodger will still walk around puddles.


  1. How cute he is just particular about the way he gets wet! Maybe he needs a groomer he gets along with better. He is such a cute dog.

  2. Well, sure.... If you tell me to do somwthing, I just might stomp around and refuse. But if the big dogs are doing it, it's gotta be cool, no?

  3. Awww so cute! Maybe he is over his fear of water now!

  4. Now that he's had his "baptism," I'll be you won't be able to keep him dry! And that Vista is awfully cute, too!

  5. He is finally free and celebrates it in style. It must have been a delightful moment for him and for you...

  6. Love that story (o:
    he just needed to learn it from someone like him
    my 4 year old was jumping in the pool off the diving board
    with a vest on
    then we went in to eat and she came back out and jumped in without the vest forgetting that she couldn't swim without least someone was there to grab her. She forgot she is not a dog so does not know how to dog paddle. Really! I wish God just included swimming in our DNA. I still don't know how (o:

  7. Great story! Dodger is a cutie! We haven't had the chance to get ours in a pool or pond situation yet.

    It's great that Dodger has a new friend!

    Thanks for sharing your pics!

  8. too cute with Dodger! I'm sure he went along with the other dogs because he didn't want to look like a "wimp". hoping he will venture out and do something more with water in the future and not be so afraid of it :)


  9. So adorable - both Dodger and Vesta. No dog likes a bath, even if they LOVE swimming (like my dog, Oscar)...

  10. My big sister has a dog named Dodger too :-)
    I bet he'll be in all the puddles from now on!

  11. There's a lot to be said for peer pressure!! ;0)

  12. Nothing like a little peer pressure to make you do things you normally wouldn't.

    I bet he had a great time!

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  14. LOL! Dodger reminds me so much of Lady. She hated water too. She was exactly like you described Dodger. Those pictures are so funny. He´s enjoying himself so much. I love it! And I bet he´s going to love the new puppy. :)

  15. YAY Dodger!!! He was having so much fun he did not even think about it. Ceasar Milan did a show on this. Next time it comes time for the bath, don't anticipate his fear, just act perfectly normal as if he loves water.

    I want to know where this dog park is!!! Talk about AWESOME!! I loved this post. Dodger has such personality!

  16. Unless he's running with the big dogs and they run through puddles - then he will too.

    Don't you love it when dogs play together at the dog park?

  17. This was such a cute post!!!

    Maybe he was trying to impress the other doggies ;-)

  18. That is so funny. He just had to keep up with the guys.

  19. My dog would never do any of that. He hates getting his toes wet.