Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Exhausted, And I Haven't Really Done Anything

I don't know if it is the summer-like weather or some aberrant inner calling, but Doc is once again in full home maintenance mode and, frankly, it has me exhausted.

It is not that I have actually had to physically do anything. Our abilities don't lean toward us being do-it-yourselfers. I have mentioned before that Doc has a "guy" for every possible home maintenance need and one main go-to guy, the hapless Robert.

Robert has just finished (except for a few buckets and ladders scattered around the yard) painting the outside of our house, a pretty straight forward task, unless you are Robert. Doc allowed Robert to do the job after a man-to-man talk about it being completed in a timely manner. Long story short ( or maybe short story long), it took him almost a month to complete a job that was promised to be done in four days. I have spent most of that month either trying to soothe or trying to avoid Doc's anger at Robert. Exhausting.

Next comes carpet cleaning, new tile in the bathrooms and refinishing the deck. Doc thinks the best time for these things to get done is while we will be out of town for a few days in a couple of weeks. That would not be my first choice for several reasons, home security being at the top of my list. The fact that most all of Doc's "guys" already have our garage door code pretty much takes the air out of my security argument. My other argument about just not wanting to have all those people in the house when we are gone hasn't gotten too far either. I'm a "choose your battles" type, or maybe I'm just too exhausted to "discuss" it any more.

After that there will be interior painting. If Doc has gotten over being mad at him, that will again involve Robert, which just leaves me too exhausted to even think about it.

I know there are a lot of "count your blessings" in all of this and I am grateful that it is all getting done, or at least I will be when August gets here and it is all done and I'm not so  exhausted from doing nothing.


  1. I think I would be exhausted too. I don't like repair people inside the house to begin with; I can't imagine having them there when I wasn't around. I think I would be tempted to hire someone to keep an eye on them or lock up my silver (LOL like I have silver). But I do imagine once everything is done, it will indeed look very nice :)


  2. I'm exhausted just reading about this! Still, it will look great once it's done.

  3. Just worrying about all that has to be done, and by who is exhausting I reckon! As for the security thing, I too would be worried! And what about the mess said 'guys' could cause? No thanks....
    Still... maybe it will all get done with little fuss and minimal time? You NEVER KNOW!

  4. why?
    relax, rest, come back when you have something to share ...
    Happy Wednesday!
    Take good care.

  5. I can understand you. Arguing or just watching they hubby by mad CAN be exhausting! Maybe Doc should look for a different "go to" guy. Robert seems to not take him very seriously.
    Anyway I hope it all turns out nicely!!

  6. I am interested in the part about you going away.
    That sounds pretty nice to me. Even a few days away is a mini vacation, right?

  7. Well Robert would drive me crazy too
    it must be a topic of the day
    I had a friend telling me about how crazy her fixit guy makes her
    I need to ask her if his name is Robert (o:

  8. I think your handyman knows my handyman--- and it's going to be a long summer.

    Hang in there!

  9. It took two years to build our outdoor pergola and patio in the backyard. Patience is a virtue and I have learned to be virtuous.

  10. I'm sure most of us can relate to part of this, but all of it? Oy. Have you tried meditation? A bottle of wine? Narcotics?

    I jest because I love. The stress from the Robert/Doc tango would be enough to cause gray hair and exhaustion.

    Maybe you should leave the two of them there and you should take a little vacation to a sibling's house or a friend's cottage. Hey, I have several spare bedrooms!!

  11. My husband has been doing remodeling and home maintenence for years and it has been driving me crazy!