Sunday, December 6, 2009

When Calls Drop, Who Calls Back?

There's a lot of talk about cell phone etiquette, but I have an issue that I never hear discussed and I think it needs to be addressed. When you are talking to someone and one or both of you are on a cell phone it is not unusual to be talking, talking, talking and suddenly realize that no one is listening. The call has dropped. 

Here's what usually happens with me when a call is dropped. I realize I'm talking to no one, so I immediately call back the person I was talking to. The call goes right to their voice mail because, of course, they are trying to call me back, getting my voice mail because I am trying to call them back. I think, oh, he/she is calling me back, so I wait a minute for the phone to ring. He/she thinks, oh, she is trying to call me back, and they wait a minute for the phone to ring. When the phone doesn't ring within a few moments, I think, oh, he/she is waiting for me to call back, so I call and he/she........well, you get the picture.

I'm suggesting an easy solution that will save us all a lot of time if only you will accept me as the Queen of Cell Phone Etiquette and follow this rule:  The person who placed the original call is ALWAYS the one to call back. Simple. Easy. Problem solved.

Now I'll start working on a rule for that guy standing next to you in line at Starbucks describing his conquest from the night before.


  1. Is dumping my hot coffee on his head appropriate?

    Santa Puppets

  2. Brandon and I have made a rule that I always call back when we get disconnected, so we don't keep getting each other's voicemail over and over. Your rule is, obviously, much more universal! Now I'll just have to REMEMBER who placed the call originally!

  3. Such a clever idea! That has bothered me for some time. I´m glad you brought it up. Now I just have to send this post to all my friends....
    And after you finished the rule for that guy at Starbucks you should think of a rule for those ladies standing in the aisles at the grocery store visiting....

  4. Oh Jeanie, You are THE QUEEN! I couldn't agree more about the dropped call rule. Great idea.

    And when you figure out the guy at Starbucks, I'll nominate your for a Nobel Prize :-)


  5. Oh Jeanie, THANK YOU! Thank you for solving this modern dilemma so succinctly and effortlessly.

    Your post was not only freaking hilarious, but it was SOOO on the money. Spot on. The money.

    And since I am an A class blabbermouth, guess how long I am running on at the mouth before realizing the call has actually droppe? How about six call back voicemail messages worth. I kid you not.

    {Well, actually I am kidding, but you know...}

    This post belongs in the Blog Hall of Fame. Seriously.

    I love you.

  6. So funny - it's always frustrating when you're calling back someone who is calling you back.

    Your rule rocks!

  7. You're brilliant my friend! Call me, if it's dropped, call me back.

  8. What a great concept. Jeanie, perhaps it's just my computer, but when I log onto to your blog, I get a whole page of code at the top of your page and then the writing fills my screen. It looks like the formatting has changed. Please let me know if you notice this from viewing your blog posts from someone else's computer.

  9. Thanks to those of you have told me about my all HTMLy header. It apparently looks that way to some and just fine to others. I have taken the pic down so I hope it looks normal now, if not great. Let me know, if you have a minute.

  10. When you found the answer to this question let me know.

  11. I have a cell phone. I do. I do not use it. Except to call my son on his cell phone because otherwise it's a long distance call because he lives in Washington and we live in Oregon. It is a joke among my family how I barely know how to MAKE a call, let alone find Voice Mail or anything else on it. It totally intimidates me. Just to give you and idea of how seldom I use it, I've never experienced a 'dropped call'. I am archaic.