Thursday, December 10, 2009

He Didn't Eat My Homework, but....

This was, by far,  NOT the most embarassing thing I have ever had to tell my friend Patty, but I had to tell her.
She loaned me a book and my dog ate it. He is not normally a book eating dog, at least I don't think so. We have only had him a little over a month and he has been a pretty good guy for a one year old with a sketchy past and no pedigree. It may have been literary commentary, but I'm not sure if he liked it so much he devoured it, or disliked it so much that he destroyed it. It is a pretty serious book titled The Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I had to look that up. If I had tried to figure it out from what Dodger left of the cover it would have been written by Ya Ir Al. Maybe he just doesn't like serious. A replacement book is on the way from Amazon and Patty is still my friend.

Dodger and the book

Do you think he looks at least a little guilty?

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  1. This is really cute! I love the look on your dogs face. I'm telling you he looks like he's saying "what? I'd do it again."

    Visiting from SFTC. Have a great night!

  2. I just finished a blog about my dogs to be posted after the new year. You'd love to hate them and their antics, but you can't. You're a good friend for replacing the book.

  3. A book Dodger really got into...must have been really good because the little fella looks very satisfied. No more fiber for Dodger today because he has already had his quota and hid quotes! Heeeheeehe!!!

    Ya'll have a great day filled with blessings and void of book~eaters!!!

  4. I think he looks rather proud of himself.

    Flash Dancing

  5. Yeah I think he does look a little guilty! But so funny! hahaha, maybe he was bored?

  6. His look is too cute to get angry with him about.
    Maybe he likes the taste of glue? He's a glue sniffer? Watch out. I sense more trouble, perhaps AA for dogs.

  7. Oh no! Dodger the destructo pooch. He is so damn cute though, isn't he. It's a good thing otherwise it might be curtains for him! I think the fact that my children survived their childhood without Child Protective Services taking them from me is because they were also cute and I went too easy on them.

    An no, Dodger does NOT look the least bit guilty. He looks SATISFIED!

  8. Well, they do say that we ought to digest what we read!

    He's obviously a book worm...

  9. Your dog looks like the cat who ate the canary :-)

  10. He doesn't look one bit guilty. He looks adorable!

  11. You couldn't make it up! I think he looks quite pleased with himself... very cute, though :)