Monday, November 4, 2013

A Few Catch-up Pictures 'Cause I Don't Have Much Else....

Life has been pretty quiet lately, a good thing to me from most perspectives but not when it comes to blog topics. That leaves me with one of my favorite topics and the main reason for my blog, family activities, and a few catch-up pictures.

Some of my grandkids started out their Halloween night at my house with our traditional Jack-O-Lantern Pizza and some trick-or-treating. The wind was so cold that night that even this motley crew didn't want to stay out for very long.

Of course I had to look back at a Halloween picture from when I first started my blog. The little baby duck in this picture is now in kindergarten (far right above) and the scare crow (in the center above) was a few years from being born. .....and how did cute little Dorothy turn into a pre-teen Vampira so fast?

I went to my other kindergarten-age granddaughter's school party. I didn't get a good picture of Anna, but I did get one of her zombie brother, Wil,

who was a cute little Buzz Lightyear just a short time ago.

At a family get-together this weekend Anna and EJ took turns burying each other in the leaves.

Beck didn't want to get buried.....he just threw the leaves at anyone who tried to take his picture.

     I recently got a sweet surprise in the mail from my blog friend  Granny Annie at Fools Rush In. She has picked several blog friends that she is sending a surprise gift to at some time throughout the year. She lives in Oklahoma which is where I grew up so this little charm was a thoughtful and perfect gift. 

And finally, all of the Halloween candy is gone, thank goodness. It went to a local dentist's office where they contribute so much per pound to local schools and send the candy to the armed forces overseas. 

I'm kind of wishing I had kept a couple of the Snickers bars.


  1. Hi, Jeanie! While your grands were shivering in the chilly wind on Halloween night, the trick-or-treaters in my Central Florida neighborhood enjoyed a warm evening close to 80 degrees. Approximately 225 ghosts, goblins and witches came knocking on my door. It's a good thing I bought 300 pieces of candy. Mrs. Shady has taken it upon herself to eat all the leftover sweets.

    Isn't it amazing how quickly children grow and change? You were wise to keep the camera handy and snap group pictures like these year after year. It's wonderful to see kids having good, clean, safe fun at this time of year.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Jeanie!

  2. That is a GREAT idea for a dentist! I loved seeing the pix of the kids -- it IS amazing how time passes. Rick and I wee recalling that on Halloween, too. Always hard to believe the kids in the pix carving pumpkins or in their costumes are now young adults. You have a way to go before that -- but it'll happen before you know it!

  3. My housekeeper said her daughter dressed as a lady bug for Halloween. Her three year old daughter is precious and had to be a darling lady bug. But she said it would be the first and last time because her sister had convinced her that Halloween was evil. As I look at your sweet grandchildren I just can't see the evil. As I reflect on all the fun our church members, especially the kids, had at our Halloween party last week, I can't see the evil either. And what about sending Halloween candy to our troops...evil? Nope:)

    Oh, the charm looks good. Glad you like it to celebrate your Tulsa roots.

  4. Fun way to compare pictures, then and now. I like your family Halloween tradition of pizza before the trick or treating. Like you, I should have kept a few Snickers for me.

  5. I love those photos of your grandkids. You are lucky you have so many grandkids, as I only have two. Lol. Cute charm from granny annie.

  6. I love all the photos, especially those with the kids in the pile of leaves. So sweet.

  7. LOL about the snickers, Jeanie, but I love the idea of the dentist giving the money to the schools. I know dentists buy back candy here and send it overseas, but I'm not sure who gets the money, school or the child.

    Cute too to see the pictures of the kids then and now so to speak. It is amazing how fast they grow isn't it? All adorable or handsome!

    I think its a standard fall activity to be buried in leaves, I know I have pictures of my kids surrounded in leaves when we lived in Montana.

    What a cute charm you got and such a sweet gesture of your blogging buddy!


  8. so cute... hey...was that your candy or the kids candy you donated? lol

  9. I love Halloween. A great holiday for kids without all the buildup. Our Logan was Buzz Lightyear years ago. Great that you have pictures from previous years.

  10. Hi Jeannie, So good to get caught up-your grands looked so good. Where are the years going my friend? It is so cold today, unlike this weekend.
    Hope you have a great afternoon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. These are such cute Halloween photos. I love all the costumes. It downpoured in Illinois for Halloween. That Dorothy costume was fabulous!

  12. Loved the before & after of the Grands. Time rushes on, doesn't it?! I hear ya' abt wishing you had some of those Snickers! *giggle

  13. I would never have thought that people would donate candy to the armed forces! What a darn good idea.
    Your grandkids have grown heaps.