Friday, November 15, 2013

The Older I Get......

The sure fact is that as long as we hang around each of us is getting older every day. I don't recall that I gave a lot of thought to getting older when I was young. Now that I am, well, older, there are a few  things I'm sure my younger self would have never given any thought to but that I find my older self thinking about the older I get.....

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The older I get.....the less I like to shave my legs.

The older I get.....the more I'm sure there are a lot of things that I'll never be really grown up about.

The older I get.....the more I would like to have and am afraid of having a little "work" done on my face.

The older I get.....the more I wish I had done a better job of keeping up with people I was good friends with in the past.

The older I get.....the more I need to exercise and the less I like to exercise (or I guess these days you have to say work out).

The older I get.....the faster time goes. I know that is a cliche, but it is so, so true.

The older I get.....the less I like the word "retirement". I'm all in favor of not having to go to work anymore, but no so good with calling my self "retired".

The older I get.....the more I wonder what I would look like if I quit coloring my hair...and how I would do that without spending many months looking like a skunk.

The older I get.....the more I realize that being older doesn't necessarily mean being wiser.

The older I get.....the more I wonder how my grandchildren will remember me.

The older I get.....the harder it is to know if certain clothes are "appropriate" for "someone my age" to wear. Okay, I don't worry too much about that, but I do think about it and am pretty much done with sleeveless. (and I can hardly even mention swimsuits)

The older I get.....the older everyone else is getting right along with me and I am grateful for that.

What do you find your older self thinking about that your younger self would never have thought of.?


  1. How true, Jeanie! I share many of these with you. I don't really feel "grown up" yet and I actually hope I never do.

    I have three grandkiddos and refuse to let any of them call me grandpa or grandfather. Those words simply don't fit the mental image I have of myself.

    Daily workouts are becoming more important than ever, even as our willingness to commit to them is on an inevitable decline.

    Time is definitely speeding up. I can't believe 2013 is soon over and that it's soon time to scramble and get ready for Christmas again.

    The affirmation in the orange square is key. Getting older can be a bummer sometimes, but when you consider the alternative...

    Thanks for another thought provoking post, dear friend Jeanie, and have an excellent weekend!

  2. Love this, Jeanie! I feel your pain and am in agreement with every one of your statements (except for the grandkids)!! Well done!

  3. I can relate to a lot that you wrote, Jeanie, about getting older. I find myself thinking of death more these days than when I was younger, especially when I'm typing these medical reports and a person has a long list of diagnoses and meds they are on and they are my age or younger. You are right, it does go by so much faster, time, that is, when we are older. I can't believe it is November already! This year flew by.

    I have also determined if hubby dies before me, I'm taking the insurance money and getting one of those face lift thingies that Debby Boone advertises on TV :)

    I also have determined that I will no longer wear shorts about the knees; capris are fine, but no shorts :)


  4. Ah, Jeanie. Such wisdom!

    Having passed the age of "certifiable decrepitude" I find I move a bit slower, and it takes longer to shovel the snow off the sidewalk. I cannot keep up with our grandchildren, so they slow down for me, and sometimes even hold my hand.

    I have time for coffee with friends, and some committee work at the university, plus things around the church. I have more than enough to keep me interested and occupied.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  5. All of these are so very true, Jeanie; especially the one about time speeding up. It sure does.

  6. I can totally relate to that list!
    It's really all true too.

  7. I relate to most of your musings. All in all, though, being older ain't so bad, is it? When I was younger, I never imagined how happy I'd be to reach Medicare age. And what they say about grandchildren being the reward for getting old (or for not killing our kids when they were teenagers) is true. We've got thirteen, and they're all terrific. (of course)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I do appreciate it, and it's my pleasure to return the favor. Count me in as your newest groupie. Nice to meetcha!

  8. Excellent post.
    I have found that growing old gracefully is easier said than done. I catch myself willing to express my opinion with little care what others think about it. That's probably not a good thing. That's how you become known as the "Grumpy Old Man."

  9. Great post, Jeanie! I agree with most of them, but I don't think I will ever color my hair. I am going to let nature take its course. Lol.

  10. This is great, Jeanie. I'd add, the older I get, the happier and more content I am -- and I find the leg hair grows so slowly that I don't even need to think about shaving the legs all that much! One of the benefits!

  11. The biggest change for me is probably that the older I get the more I truly care about others but at the same time I don't worry about what others think about me.
    This is a great post, make me pause and think about many things I am happy for in my current age and look forward to in the future. I find I am more aware of what is going on around me now that I am not working and am not living on a set schedule, am able to decide my own activities and hours.

  12. The older I get...the more I'm concerned with not "wasting" time and making every minute count - don't want to overlook anything.

    The older I get ...the more I realize I need to live near at least one of my children.

  13. What a topic my friend. I like almost everything about being older except for the physical limitations. I believe I am wiser and I love speaking my mind and I LOVE the word retired as well as being retired. My one shameful dilemma is worrying about whether to subscribe to Life Alert or not. "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"

  14. What a great idea! I love your list! I feel like doing a "The older I get.." list just for my own satisfaction, that I can look at 10-15 years from now and see if I've changed my attitude by then ;)

  15. Love this post!I really miss my job but overall I like being retired, especially days like this when it is snowy & icy and I don't have to get out and go to work. LOL! I was just sitting here thinking I really should shave my legs.