Monday, October 28, 2013

Oops, Maybe I Shouldn't Have Posted That

I have several blog friends who have recently written blog posts that they later decided they shouldn't have posted. They all deleted those posts and let readers know why in an e-mail or in a subsequent post. Their reasons for deleting the posts varied from deciding the subject matter of the post was not appropriate or not understood as written, that the post had too much information about themselves or a family member or reader comments made them decide the post  should be deleted.

One of the things I like about blogging is the variety of styles and topics people bring to their blogs. Whether a blogger posts beautiful photos that illustrate activities in their lives, expresses opinions on anything from politics to child rearing, gives us a running commentary on the activities of their day or just shares on a mish mash of topics there is usually, by chance or design, a style and parameter that is characteristic of the writer's posts. I didn't find any of the deleted posts objectionable, but I respect and appreciate the consideration each of these bloggers gave to a post that with some reflection seemed "out of bounds" for them.

My blog is generally fairly innocuous and non-controversial. Even so, a couple of years ago I deleted a post because of a comment that was left. I had told a story, basically a joke, that the commenter felt made fun of a person with dementia. I didn't see it that way but I deleted the post in favor of not offending someone on a sensitive topic.

Have you ever had second thoughts about a post you have written or deleted one due to your own or readers reactions after it was posted?


  1. I had a post making fun of a TV Doctor, who was often telling how to be healthy while he was about 75 pounds overweight.

    It was tongue in cheek and I also said some nice things about the guy, like he was 80 and still working so he must know something. Months later he left the show, presumably over his health though that was not said, and someone commented that my post was offensive along with the comment, "_____" is a respected Doctor, what the hell have you ever done?

    That did not bother me so much, but with this man probably being sick, I felt that in retrospect my post was in bad taste so I deleted it. It was getting lots of Google hits as people were interested in why he left the show.

  2. No I've never deleted - maybe I'm too uncontroversial! Get your snow shovel ready, Jeanie - more in the forecast, and we need it!

  3. Hi, Jeanie! This is an excellent topic. I have been blogging more than five years. During that time I have changed and I think for the better. I think I have become more patient, tolerant, generous and loving. I have a greater sense of responsibility. I am more aware of the power of words to hurt or heal, and less likely to post material that might offend individuals or groups. That said, I ardently support free speech and oppose censorship and cannot see myself removing a post because somebody objected to the content or because I was worried somebody would. As bloggers we need to put it out there and take the response that we get, good bad or indifferent. There's honesty and integrity in expressing ourselves freely and being able to elegantly handle a few negative hits once in a while.

    I hope you're having a great week, dear Jeanie, and I wish you and your family an enjoyable Halloween!

  4. I've had second thoughts several times, but I don't think I've deleted any. Then again, my memory is so bad... I may have.

  5. I think most of us have thought about things - wondering if we should have posted it or not. I am sure in ten years I have deleted one or two.

  6. What I learned long ago in blogging was it was my choice when I read a blog or an entry to make that choice to do so, but if I was going to comment on it, I should choose wisely and carefully the words I said and not offend the writer in any way (I actually got kicked off of a blog years ago because of my comments left, I don't blame him, my comments were not what he wanted to hear, he had an alternative lifestyle and some other things and while not cruel in my comments, it still wasn't things he wanted to hear/read). So I learned to comment if I had something relevant to say kindly and encouragingly or just move on.

    In saying that, I have deleted blog posts that I wrote due to offending others or being of sensitive matters that people were so impassioned about they could not look beyond the point I was trying to get at by writing but wanted to be judgmental without even knowing half of the story or a fourth of it. Its sad because there could have been, would have been redemptive value.

    I often feel led to post things that people have thanked me for addressing a sensitive topic, etc., plus we all know that there are readers of our blogs that never comment, etc.

    I wonder who needed to have read what I might have written, but I chose to take those entries off due to public scrutiny. After I removed the last round of "offensive" entries, I did apologize to God for not being brave enough to tell the story I do believe needed to be told.

    Good topic to discuss Jeanie!


  7. Yup, as you might know, I recently deleted a post because my husband told me to. I found nothing wrong with the pun, which I found humorous and still do, but I guess it might have seemed crude to some.

  8. I write posts every now and then, not lately, that some people didn't like usually about evolution or global warming, health care and such and some people got upset cuz I didn't conform to the "new political correctness" but I didn't delete them.

    The only thing I posted that I regreat was a comment I made about how old a female friend of mine was. She snapped back pretty hard so I deleted the comment.

    The only posts that I regretted posting were those where I had incorrect information or didn't understand something. Usually somebody would gently correct me. Every once in a while not so gentle. But I had it coming.

    Facebook is where I've had to learn to hold my tongue a little bit. It is so easy to be snarky.

  9. I deleted exactly one post. It was about my step-mother, who is a selfish and horrible person. A few months after I'd posted it, she and my father moved to an assisted living place that had a computer set up for residents' use. There was a one-in-a-million chance that one of my brothers would show my dad how the computer worked and would show him how to get to my blog. I deleted the post.

  10. it seems to me that people are just too darn sensitive any more...if you don't like some ones post...don't read it...if you don't like their style...don't come back....I like a variety of blogs...mainly because of the peoples personalities....

  11. Yes I recently did just that. Before anyone could comment I deleted a post that bordered on political and religious and I had made a personal pact with myself to avoid those two topics. It was a darn good post but I just didn't want to go that direction and possibly lose some good blog friends over it.

  12. Nope, never deleted a post although I have changed the way I phrased something later thinkin' it might offend someone.

    Dang, if I don't edit the daylight outta a post anyway. 'Just don't know when to stop...I'm twisted that way.

    Sorry I've been gone so long, the Mom's aren't doin' well at all. It's been tougher than weathered beef jerky'. Miss ya'll!!!

    I do so want to make a comeback.

    God bless ya friend and have yourself one stupendous day now, ya hear??? :o)

  13. Interesting topic. I did delete a post back when I very first started blogging. My daughter's mother-in-law often joked that she was the B grandma and I was the A grandma. I thought that was silly and wrote about it, knowing the other grandma never read my blog. But my daughter asked me to delete it just in case. So I did. I learned right away I can never say certain things that might upset my daughter since without her and my grandsons, my blog would be very empty.

  14. Heck YES! But not an entire post, just the offending paragraph!
    I usually don't though, I am happy to blither on about almost anything!
    Hell, I've even told hundreds of people when I bought myself new nickers or bras!
    I'm an open book.

  15. Funny thoughts!!! I wish I could take back things that come out of my mouth... but alas... just have to live with it and be more careful next time (o:
    What are you doing tomorrow morning? Thinking of coffee or such (o:

  16. I think that we have all deleted a post at some point in our blogging careers. I've been doing this since 2007. I started with a blog called "Brain Freeze". I had to abandon it because I was not compressing my photos prior to posting and I wound up using all of the available memory from Blogger. Still, I did have a post or two that hit a nerve with a couple of folks and I deleted them. I don't think I've deleted anything since I moved the blog to Driller's Place.

  17. I don't think I would delete a post because of a reaction by a reader, but I may delete or edit a post because of my own reaction by the time what I write is posted. I cannot remember deleting a post but what the heck I don't remember lots of things. Some people have a chip on their shoulder of something but they can't expect the world to accommodate them.

  18. I've not deleted a post, but I have deleted a graphic I had on my sidebar. I thought it was totally fine (I still think it was) but someone found it offensive so I took it off. I really didn't want to, but I did. It seems these days there is always someone looking for ways to be offended. Can't keep everyone happy, but I think most of us try.

  19. I've never deleted a post. I try to think before I post. I have most likely offended some readers, and bored many, but since I write for myself and the legacy I want to leave for my grandchildren, I really do try to be wise in what I say. My private rants and sorrows that I don't want others to see are written in my journal.