Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's That Time of Year, Crazy Weather, Candy Corn and a Birthday

Here in Colorado, fall is beautiful and unpredictable. A sunny warm day can turn into overnight snow that stays around just long enough to mess with rush hour traffic in the morning and then melts before noon. I love this picture from a day late last week. Winter will settle in before long, but until then it is fun to experience at least a couple of seasons most days.

Borrowed from a friends FB page


Fall brings with it another important time of year.....Candy Corn Season. 

Yes, I have a weakness for this ubiquitous Halloween treat. I have no trouble resisting the same candy in red and green at Christmas or in pastel colors at Easter, but I have to admit to eating more than my share of the 9 billion pieces made annually in orange, yellow and white for the Halloween season. Candy corn was invented in the late 1880's and was originally called "chicken feed". Maybe if they had stuck with that name I'd be more able to resist the 140 empty calories that come with eating 22 pieces.


My oldest grandchild, Jared, becomes a teenager this week, leaving me asking the age-old question, where did the time go. It truly does seem like only a few years since he was born.


He has told his parents that he wants a goat for his birthday (which he has been told that he will not get). He seems to think because they have a horse that lives in the barn at his other grandparents house that they would not mind having a goat also. I'm pretty sure he knows that this is a pie-in-the-sky wish. I thought I was getting off lucky when he told me he wanted socks. It turns out that the socks he wants are a certain kind of Nike socks that cost about $15 a pair....and of course he wants certain colors. At least he didn't ask me for livestock.

I guess I'd better be off to do a little internet sock shopping, but I may need a little candy corn first to fortify myself.


  1. Hi, dear Jeanie, and happy birthday to your grandson Jared! Here's hoping his teenage years will be productive, enjoyable and safe ones.

    I used to gobble up candy corn by the bucket load. I don't think I've ever seen it in those new designer colors you mentioned, just the traditional Halloween combo. It does kinda resemble chicken feed, too.

    I don't know about you, but here in my neighborhood in Central Florida we get as many as 300 trick-or-treaters on H-ween night.

    We're still putting up with temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90 and your fresh snow looks mighty appealing from where I sit.

    I hope you had a great weekend, dear friend Jeanie, and I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Happy birthday Jared!! You know, Jeanie, I noticed that the teen boys here wear bright colorful socks, like red, green, even pink on a guy. Is that a trend there too, I wonder?

    Funny, we saw some candy corn at the store yesterday. I can't tell you the last time I had it, years ago. About 10 pieces and that's good enough (but point me to a Giradelli chocolate shop, and watch out....)

    Snow already? But I guess it is the latter part of October. Those are the storms I like that move in and out and don't stick around too long.

    Stay warm!


  3. Gosh I wish my grandkids would tell me they want socks! Jared is a handsome lad. Mine are still a few years away from teens - but inching closer every day. Last week, Amanda told her Mom she would like to shop for some more "fashionable" (meaning less like little girl) clothes. When she showed off what she bought, however, I was relieved. Still far from "suggestive", thank goodness! If I get any candy corn, I'll mail it to you. Give me chocolate any day!

  4. I want a goat too...$15 a pair socks...boy times have changed...

  5. I want a goat too...$15 a pair socks...boy times have changed...

  6. Your grandson is a very handsome boy. Also, his wish list is nothing like the wish lists I get. I wonder if he could speak to my grandchildren.

  7. I've never tasted candy corn. Is it made of corn, or does it just look like it?
    Happy Birthday to Jared! I love that he wants a goat.

  8. What a handsome boy! Happy sock shopping, and enjoy that candy corn.

  9. He's such a cute adolescent. A goat, eh? Lol. My grandkids are still very young (5 and 3). I hope I am around when they graduate from college.

  10. Congrats on your grandson's birthday. You are getting off good with socks.

  11. I vote for Jared top get a goat. A little goat would make a nice companion for the horse.

    Candy corn should NEVER be any color combination than orange,yellow and white. There should be a law. And where do you get off telling us the calorie count in 22 pieces? Sheesh!

  12. Socks aren't cheap but goats are the gift that keep on giving and taking! But you are certainly right about the time passing so quickly. I just don't know where it goes!

    The candy corn makes me smile. I can leave it alone, not touch it -- but once I do, it's history!

  13. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place. Those soccer photos are of U11 girls. Our youngest granddaughter will be 12 next month and she loves soccer. She is VERY competitive by nature and the game fits her very well.
    Happy birthday to Jared. Again, I have asked that question about time, over and over. This spring our oldest grand daughter will turn 18 and graduate from high school! Ouch! Really, we didn't graduate all that long ago, did we?

  14. I have never seen that candy here!
    And your grandson Jared is the same age as our Brylee.
    They grow up so fast!

  15. That is one handsome Grandson!
    A goat? LOL Unusual request from a teen! Love it!!