Monday, February 4, 2013

I Fell and I Couldn't Get Up

I had my first ever "I've fallen and I can't get up" experience over the weekend. Fortunately it was on the ski slopes at Winter Park and not in the bath tub......not tragic, but still a little embarrassing. A little tangle-up on a tow rope that we thought we needed to take to get to the lift we wanted sent me and my granddaughter, Hope, tumbling down in the snow. When I got up my right leg didn't hurt but it wasn't working quite right, like it wasn't quite getting enough info from my brain. We were on a pretty easy slope and kept going until we got on a not so easy slope and I fell again and couldn't get my leg to work to help me get up. Fortunately, my daughter, Joanna, came to my rescue and after a few tears, mine of laughter and embarrassment, Hope's thinking I was really hurt, and Joanna's, trying not to laugh too much, she was able to pull me up with my ski pole. Once we got down to the base and ate a late lunch I, wisely and probably to Joanna's relief, called it a day.

Even with my little mishap it was a wonderful few days in the mountains with my daughter's family and her in-law's and their family. I didn't get any actual skiing pictures, but I got a few before and after.

We stayed in a beautiful mountain house that Joanna
had bought the use of at a charity auction.

Ready to hit the slopes with Joanna and Hope 
(before I knew I would literally "hit the slopes".)

These wagons for carting your equipment around were new to me
 and a great idea.

Hope taking a little break with the Coca Cola polar bear.

The day was a little snowy and cold,
 but the new snow made for great skiing.

The best part of a ski day......a little apres ski time in the hot tub.

My leg seems to be mostly okay now and my ego is (nearly) healed, in spite of my 5 year old granddaughter, EJ, telling me "Grandmom, you should probably never ski again."


  1. Sounds like a good time in spite of your leg

  2. Gosh, Jeanie, I'm sure glad you weren't badly hurt (except for bruised ego)! Sometimes falling while going slowly is actually worse because the skis don't release and your ligaments are too stretched. The only time I've torn a ligament was when my skis didn't release when I fell on a mogul. - that was years ago. My granddaughter, Amanda, wore the same pants as Hope has last year. I have never seen wagons used to cart equipment! Glad you got some snow while you were there. I'm skiing at Vail tomorrow.

  3. Apres ski time is my favorite too : ) Getting up after a fall isn't the easy thing it was 20 years ago! Glad you had a nice visit.

  4. LOL with Hope, but you go girl for getting out there!!! Skiing always scared me as I feared I would fall and break something :)

    I love the picture of everyone in the hot tub outside, but what happens when one has to leave the hot tub and go back inside? Bit chilly?

    Looks like a fun get away, minus the fall(s) of course!


  5. Yes Grandma, you better not ski again! It's really too bad it happened. I hope your leg will be completely well now.

    I love the place you stayed in. So beautiful! Great photos and I love the polar bear.

  6. Looks like a fun time for all! Sorry to hear about your fall, I would have demanded a young & handsome paramedic carry me back to the house! I've never been on snow skis, so I can't relate, but I can relate to falling! Glad you're okay. The house looks wonderful!

  7. I think my last ski trip was this year, My 15 YO had to help me buckle my boot.

  8. Bravo to you for braving the slopes! I mean that. I fell so many times when I was learning to ski in my late teens and early twenties that I never strapped on a ski again in my life. Just today, a friend who is a good three year older than I posted a photo of herself on the slopes. I was impressed with her stamina and courage. I think anyone who goes skiing is brave. I know your ego was bruised, but I hope your body wasn't injured, and that your spirit remains strong. You go girl. I think you should try skiing again. You show those grandkids!

  9. Don't say you fell...say you had a skiing accident. Much more glamorous phrasing and people will be impressed that you tackled (not hit) the slopes.

  10. Hmmm. I think I'll snorkel instead! Lol. Love your photos!

  11. The hot tub probably felt good.
    That 5 yr old might have early wisdom. I was never much of a skier but ever since I started getting back pains (not much currently) the slopes scared me. Also we live in flatland IL. so snow skiing is both travel time and expense.

  12. Ok, one more time. (booo Blogger!!)
    Your weekend looks like so much fun. That's what I always picture Colorado is like.
    So glad your leg was ok though. You watch out for yourself. My SIL just broke her leg and has been on crutches for 2 months now (she tripped over her dog). That is NO fun!

  13. Hi Jeanie, I hope you got a nice soak in the hot tub to ease the leg pain and soreness. So sorry about the spill and glad it wasn't anything more serious.

    The house is GORGEOUS! And what a blast t must have been with the family all together.

    Looks like a grand time for one and all.

    xo jj

  14. You are a brave woman! Glad to hear you are not seriously hurt. Love the quote from your granddaughter - she is obviously lovingly concerned :)

  15. Gosh I hope you are okay! That sounded like a great trip though. Kids just say what's on their mind - don't they?

  16. The pictures look so wonderful. I think you are so brave to be skiing. I'd skip the skiing part and just lay down on the ground and roll down the hills (because I'd never start at the top of a mountain.)

    Flash 55 - Dreams

  17. Thank goodness your leg is OK. I think the hot tub seemed to be the best part.

  18. It looks like a fabulous time with the best part all being together (and the worst part being the fall.) I'm glad you weren't too badly hurt but any hurt is no fun and I hope all the leftovers are gone by how. How wonderful to have that time together!