Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentines

When my kids were growing up every day was Valentine's Day for them. No, not because they were showered with candy and flowers every day but because they grew up with the last name Valentine. I'm sure they were teased a little around this time of year, but in 1977 they got their 15 minutes of fame when this picture appeared on the front page of the local paper with a feature about "Real Valentines." It replicated a picture of their dad and his sister that had appeared in the same paper in 1951.

Jill and Rob 

The above picture was taken a few months before my 3rd little Valentine was born, and yes, the dress seems to have survived to celebrate another Valentine's Day.

I've shown you my Valentines, now show me yours. I know a lot of people don't like the commercialism and pressure of Valentine's Day, but any day that comes with a big, fat Starbucks gift card like I got this morning is a good one for me.


  1. Since everyday is Valentine day,

    Happy Great Big Red Heart Day!!

  2. Cute photos, Jeanie! Not much going on in my house today, but David said he will take me to Ryan's Grill for dinner after the opera on Sunday. That will be our Valentine's Day treat.

  3. How cute for them to have the last name of Valentine (now that I think of it, I don't think I've known any other Valentines). Cute picture of them in their youth too!

    Great Valentine's gift too with the Starbucks gift card! I'm sure it will go to good use!


  4. So cute Happy Valentines day to the Valentines

  5. Isn't that amazing about the pictures in the paper! When we were growing up, my sister's best friend in California was named Cindy Valentine. I love that as a last name. Enjoy your coffee!

  6. Those are the cutest darned valentines (or Valentines) I've ever seen! And I'm thinking you may have found the best Valentine at home! With the name to go with it.

    (Thank you for your lovely emails. I'm getting better. Slow, but better.)

  7. Happy Belated Valentine's Day! ♥

  8. I think having Valentine for your surname is awesome! Gorgeous photos.

  9. Oh dear... Looks like you've got spammed Jeanie. Yikes!

    We didn't celebrate Valentine's Day much. I think we still have a dinner out planned. We're so forgetful.