Monday, September 3, 2012

I Love A Parade

I especially love our little town's annual Labor Day Parade that my family has gone to (or been in) for over 25 years. The parade is pretty much the same year after year so my focus is the kids who keep getting bigger year after year.  My oldest grandson missed the parade this year because he was camping with a friend. I'm sure he was fine with it, but his mom and I were a little sad.


Call me sappy, but I always get a little teary when the parade starts with the fire engines, sirens blaring, from the local volunteer fire department. It was pretty exciting one year when several of them had to peel off mid-parade to go fight a fire.

"Mr. Bones" has been to as many parades as we have but he is always a crowd favorite.

This is my favorite picture....the kids all know to stand and salute the flag as the color guard passes by. Even Beck, in the background, almost got his hand over his heart. 

Then he showed his patriotism with a little flag waving.

My daughters always stand and sing the fight song when their old high school band passes by. 
Go Centaurus
The kids......not as impressed by this as they once were. 

The "labor" part of the Labor Day Parade always shows up at the end of the parade. 

Then off to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. The big kids had some kind of game going that involved a folded piece of paper flying across the table....I know, I know, manners and all, but I was sitting by them so they got away with it.

The little girls were just happy to pose for pictures,

until they weren't.....I think this is their "no more pictures, Grandmom" pose.

Another year, another parade. I hope there are many more to come. 


  1. Too cute! Love them all. They are such a fun loving bunch. I'm sure you all had a great day.

  2. now that is an awesome way to spend Labor day...your grand kiddos are just precious...

  3. How wonderful! I don't think many places have a Labor Day least not here in our little town. But it looks fun! How cute that the kids know to salute the color guard as it passes and to remove hats etc. That is awesome!

    Love the pictures from the Mexican restaurant...especially the one when the girls are tired of cracked me up. (:>)

    Kids always know they can get away with things when grandma is around huh? I'm a push over too Jeanie. (:>)

    So glad you posted this. And glad everyone had such a good time. We didn't do anything today. I'm still tuckered out from Saturday when we were all together. (:>)

    Love, Linda

  4. note...*I didn't mean "salute"...I meant put their hands over their hearts!

  5. I don't think I'd heard of a Labor Day parade before...but it's a fine way to celebrate the holiday!

  6. Oh I love this post so much. We had wonderful patriotic parades when we lived in Kansas. The town population was only 67 but our rural population was huge and on parade day the entire area showed up. Our grandchildren loved the parades and always showed pride and saluted when the flag passed. Ron could not march but was always counted as an honorary color guard member. Now I must go dig out the old pictures because you have me feeling so nostalgic.

  7. Your pictures made me smile and chuckle. I never get tired of seeing your grandkids. They are so cute!

  8. Hi Jeanie, Loved seeing your photos-your parade looks so nice(we have some haunted house floats that are awful). Loved seeing your grands saluting the flag; ours told the VFA thank you and also the fireman. It was fun and the kids went home with so much candy! I used to play that paper football. Like you, I hope we have many more parades.
    Have a blessed day! Noreen

  9. They are so cute Jeanie!

    It does feel weird when the kids start going off with their own friends. We had that with our oldest Grandlittle this past weekend, too.

    I was NOT a fan!

    Love the parade! I miss small towns this time of year!

  10. So easy to see why you love this parade in particular. What an awesome family event, and different than the typical July 4 kind of thing. Love the connection between the little cousins and especially the honor given the Color Guard as they passed. Sweet post and lovely pictures. Warmed my heart!

  11. I love small town parades. Breckenridge was like that 20 years ago but now you can barely get space on the curb! The kids are so darn cute!

  12. I love the parades in smaller towns, where you see every firetruck, every dog (curbside or walking) and every kid! They are the best. Happy September!

  13. It is so cute to see them with their hands on their hearts.
    My two (Brylee and Griffin) have never been to a parade of any sort!
    I must try and get them into the city for the Xmas Parade this year.