Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wow, That Went By Fast

I can't believe that summer is over and fall is here already. I have to admit that summer is my favorite season, but if I have to give it up for now fall is a good season to give it up for. I was sorting through pictures this morning and pulled out these that, if not the best pictures, hold good memories for me of the summer that just flew by.

A tether ball challenge between Hope and Uncle Rob.

Rob seems just a little too happy about beating a 10 year old, but then Hope is a pretty fierce competitor. 

Lots of family get-togethers made the summer extra good for me....this must have been one, or else it was a sunglasses commercial. 
Joanna, Jill and Leah

There were lots of fun water activities......

Swimming lessons for EJ.....she loved her teacher, once she got past the fact that he had lots of "fur" under his arms. 

The Elmo sprinkler was at the top of Beck's list for fun in the water.

Tennis in 90 degree temps didn't look that fun to me, but Justin played a lot of it. 

And. of course, the best of summer foods......peaches......

and popsicles.
Beck and EJ

Thanks for your indulgence with my "happy summer" post. I'll try to come up with a good rant soon. 


  1. Love your happy posts, Jeanie, and you sharing your family and summer fun with us! Looked like it was a great summer and you are so right, it flew by way too fast!


  2. oh I hear you...summer is my favorite time of the year...even with our hot Texas weather...I said my goodbyes to summer on FB...with almost the same things on your list...

  3. Awe, those kids look like they really enjoyed the summer too. Even for me, it seems to have passed quickly too. I can't believe we are heading into spring/summer already. But I do love it when everyone posts pretty fall colors from up north. Hope you have a good week Jeanie!

  4. Jeanie, I loved Tetherball when I was a kid. These pictures brought back memories. (:>)

    I also loved to play in the sprinkler as a child. (But had nothing as fun as that Elmo thingy!) (:>)

    Loved the furry arm pits remark! Ha!

    And last but not least...I loved the summer peaches....and the popsicles this year! (Maybe I am still a kid at heart!)

    Have a great week Jeanie!

    Love, LINDA

  5. Happy pictures! I loved to play tether ball as a a kid. I'll ask hubby to buy one for our patio, because our relatives would enjoy it when we get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thinking of a water sprinkler, too, for the grandkids. Thanks for the great ideas, Jeanie!

  6. Hi Jeanie, Loved seeing all your family fun activities-what a precious group you have! It is hard to believe summer is gone but I so love fall and with a new grandson, it will be even better.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. How funny. I just e-mailed you about grape popsicles!

    You have the same start of autumn we do.

    I grew up in the East, so I always remember it quite differently.

    Your family is lovely Jeanie!

  8. Peaches, popsicles, AND an Elmo sprinkler! That is good living! Glad your family had such a great summer.

  9. You have such a beautiful family, Jeanie. I enjoy seeing their happy faces!

    I can't believe summer's nearly over too! Where did it go so fast????

    xo jj

  10. I agree with everybody. You DO have such a gorgeous family. My daughter is rather glad summer is over with. They've suffered through some pretty terrible temperatures in Illinois.

  11. Nothing like pictures of grandkids (and big kids) enjoying each other and the out of doors to put a smile on my face.

  12. I can't believe September is nearly over! It has really gotten cool here but we refuse to turn on the heat. We like one month with no heat and no ac!

  13. A great way to say farewell to your favorite season. Wonderful photos filled with love. And your post made me realize tether ball is what my yard needs! Maybe next summer!

  14. I love seeing your family posts. There is such love in every picture, such joy! And yes, summer went by FAR too fast!