Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Olympics Revisited

My grandson, Wil, turned 7 last week. On Sunday he had a family birthday party which was a visit back to this summer's Olympic competition. When the guests arrived they were greeted by an Olympic (Tiki) torch to set the tone for the day's games.

The badminton court looked very cool with its Olympic rings.

The boxing was a very popular and competitive event.

Beck, almost 2, was right out there with the big kids on the badminton court.

The (un)synchronized swimming was a big crowd favorite.

If hugging ever becomes an Olympic event these two 4 year old cousins will be medal winners for sure.

There was some pretty heavy competition in the track and field events,

which included the discus throw,

and shot put,

but in the end, everyone was a winner.

The award ceremony included gold medals for the winners and birthday cake for everyone.

Yep, another family event where the best part for me was kids of all ages having fun together.

Warning! For those who have been coming here for a while, there will be another annual Labor Day parade post coming up on Monday. I know, it is the same every year, but it is event my family has attended together for over 25 years and I just can't help myself. 


  1. that is such a cool idea for a birthday party...I might just have to borrow that idea...I love parades...can't wait to see yours...

  2. Did you get approval for the use of the 5 ring Olympic logo?

    I won't tell.

    Fun idea!

  3. What a great birthday theme. I bet your grandson had a great time and felt special.
    Can't wait for more family pics on Monday. :)

    P.S. What I noticed in the pics is that the grass in the pics is really green, but in the background it's pretty dry. I guess you're needing rain?

  4. A creative and action-packed b-day party. They all do look like winners! Bring on the parade!

  5. Hi Jeanie, Loved seeing the party-so fun! You and I both always post the Labor Day parade-different towns of course but same state. Have a great evening.

  6. What a great idea for a party! With both grandsons having summer birthdays, this is one idea I need to remember for a future Summer Games birthday party!
    Enjoy your Labor Day Parade and festivities!

  7. I love your family pics. What fun! The kids look so healthy! Keep it up!

  8. What a fun party idea!!! I might have to borrow that one ;-) The kids all looked like they were happy and enjoying themselves and I'm sure the adults loved the activities as well.

    Count me in for the Labor Day parade. We don't have one here to attend and I miss it. That was a favorite of my back home in Ohio growing up. Have a blast!

    xo jj

  9. Brilliant! Wonderful party theme! Congratulations to the gold medal huggers.

  10. What a great idea! I'm betting they all slept very well that night!

  11. This is a super party theme -- I wish I'd thought of it for adults!