Saturday, October 29, 2011

Six Word Saturday

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Creativity was never my strong suit

I've read several blogs lately showing the really cute and creative Halloween costumes that moms and grandmoms have made for their kids and grandkids. I love seeing all the cute ideas people come up with but it leaves me feeling a little deficient in the creative talent department and it takes me back to my first attempt at creating a Halloween costume for one of my children.

When my son was 2  I came up with this creation made out of a paper bag, some paint and a few cotton balls. 

I apparently thought it was so great that I saved it for my daughter to wear 2 years later, or maybe I made a new one....I don't remember.

Yes, they have seen these pictures and yes, they have given me a hard time about the way I dressed them up.

What can I say? For a young military family in the early '70s at least the price was right.

I'm sure my creativity gene will kick in one of these days. 


  1. Actually I love the idea Jeanie and I've never seen such a costume! I'm with you; I made a pumpkin one year for my daughter since their preschool theme was pumpkins. About did me in. Kids wore a lot of store made ones. One year when I was in grade school, I got invited to a party and I wasn't sure I could go because we didn't have a car and we never knew if we would get a ride from someone. So it was the last moment someone offered to take me to the party so we were scrambling around for a costume. My mom came up with the great idea of using white pajamas my brother had and sewing on black spots like a dalamation dog; made ears out of socks. It was a hit, LOL.

    You are creative in other ways I do believe!


  2. As far as I am concerned (being old fashioned) it's how much your kids LOVE what their mums have made for them and love having fun in whatever costume they get- not a fashion contest, so well done you!

    Have a peek at my new art in my etsy shop.

  3. I think the costumes are quite cute, and really quite creative. I think there is way too much pressure these days to go out and buy expensive costumes. I had five kids and lived on a school teacher's salary. We had to be creative with what we found around the house. They important part is that they had fun. At two, are they really going to remember anyway?

  4. Hi Jeanie...I think these costumes were cool! I always just 'made do' with whatever we had and could come up with.

    I never ever have liked Halloween. I mean the costume parties at school and church were fun...but I was always too scared to go out at dark and trick or treat. ha!

    I love to see Halloween end so we can get on with Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Those are my favorite times!

    Thanks for your comment on my poem this morning. I never wrote poems until a few years ago and found out I enjoy it. (:>) They come to my mind quite I think the Lord puts them there.

    Have a Happy Saturday!

  5. I love it!!!

    I once thought is was a grand idea to wrap my son up like a Mummy with gauze. By the time he came back he had a trail of the stuff taggin ' behind him. He came undone..... Heeehehee!

    Have a super weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  6. I always bought my kids' costumes and masks. They weren't expensive - under $10. The one you made is priceless and so cute! Congrats!

  7. This is so cool, Jeanie. I'll bet your kids loved it. Uuummm... I have to admit I dressed my kids as a rice bag. I had one of those large 50 lb rice bags that I turned into a costume. It did baffle our neighbors.

  8. those kinds of things are what makes memories

  9. So, what exactly were we supposed to be?!?! : )

  10. It looks like a little clown costume. It's cute. I'm quite deficient in creativity myself. When I was a kid our parents bought us masks and that was it. I was happy!

  11. I always hated the annual search for Halloween costumes for the kids - they were either too expensive or too "yuck" or something. The one year I sewed them costumes (from patterns they selected) neither of them liked the results. So glad those days are done.

  12. The costume you made is actually creative. Just not elaborate. Back then simple was more accepted. Then things got more fussy.

  13. I think they're adorable! My mom sewed me a red cape and called me Little Red Riding Hood. For five years. I still have that cape. Now my niece wears it, 37 years later....

  14. It's adorable, and I agree that the key consideration is whether the kids are having fun. I would never have undertaken so much work this year if my grandgirl wasn't so excited about it.

  15. I think they look very adorable! Not particularly scary.... but very cute!

    Big hugs and glad to be back here!

  16. I think it already has kicked in!

    I remember those days well, when a costume was whatever we could find in the cupboard! Really adorable!

  17. Exactly...that is what they don't get....we had NO money!!! (o: and look how 'Green' you were...using what you had.
    My kids use pictures against me too....
    I tell them I am lucky to FIND a picture of me. lol