Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Think I'd Better Pass On This Fashion Trend

From what I have seen this summer both blue and black nail polish have become an increasingly popular fashion trend. There are blue and black fingers and toes everywhere.

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I am not above following a fashion trend here or there, but I think this is one I had better avoid. At my age blue finger nails or toe nails would probably look more like oxygen deprivation than trendiness. And black, well, let's just say that women of a certain age should probably avoid that look.

As much as I hate to seem behind the times I think that at my age, to avoid looking like I might be gasping for air, or worse,  I will have to stick with red or pink polish, or maybe orange if I'm feeling really daring.

Do your wear "trendy" polish colors?


  1. I pretty much never wear nail polish.
    Recently I had fake nails.. and had clear polish. When I took the nails off my own nails were RUINED, so I am wearing a clear polish just to protect them till they grow out again and get stronger.
    I reckon I would wear blue though. But not the black. Black is just nasty I reckon.

  2. I very rarely wear nail polish on my fingernails, but my feet is another story. I love pedicures and get them regularly because they are so cheap over here. And since I rarely wear shoes in our long summers I try to keep my feet looking nice with nail polish. BUT I do not use the colors you mentioned. Too racy for me too. :)
    I´ll just stick with pink, or white or when I´m feeling daring I use red.

  3. I wear clear on my hands and french on my feet - I wouldn't wear blue for anything. That is for me - on others it's cute.

  4. I have. Go for it!

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  5. This is so funny because just today I was looking at my daughter's blue toenails and thinking the same thing. I wondered why she wanted to paint her toes a color that looked like the had serious medical issues. You are right; it may be the trend, but I am going to skip it.

  6. That's totally not an issue for me, as I don't like blue or black, but now, if GREEN were to become vogue I would be tempted. I don't wear polish on my fingers, but I keep my toes polished. I'm rocking BRIGHT ORANGE at the moment!

  7. I don't wear polish on my fingernails. When I got a manicure I would just have the nails buffed. I like my natural nails, fairly short. But the toes!! I like any color on my toe nails. I have worn blue, green, yellow, brown, purple and all colors. I like fun colors on toe nails.

  8. I only wear nail varnish when my daughter or niece paint my nails for me...

  9. hahaha YEAH!!! it would probably look like i am really really cold!!! haha

    No i don't do nailpolish... when i was 16 yes but now, the girl (cows) will like me even without polish...



  10. Black is not for me but I did have my toes painted like little flags for the 4th of July complete with little stars. It was first for me and I did it on a whim. It was fun but I was ready to have it taken off as soon as the holiday was over.

  11. I know it's popular but I'm not a fan of the blue polish. Or black either.

  12. Well my toes are a medium lilac...not too blue.

    My daughter is in love with the new crackle look. She hasn't had it yet, but I think we both know it's only a matter of time.

    I just can't imagine wanting to wear a polish that looks chipped.

    Btw, you might like this blog:

  13. I am the least trendy person I know and never put stuff on fingers or toes! I'd say skip those colors!

    Been reading down your blog and catching up. Loved those images in the post about how things have changed for women!

  14. I'm a pink and red girl...maybe purple.....

  15. Oh dear! I don't think blue/black nail polish or lips look good on the young either.