Friday, August 26, 2011

Freewheeling Friday/Friday Fragments

A busy week of days at work and late nights (well, late for me is not getting home until 7:30 or 8), requires another quick catch-up post of some little pieces of my week.


Our little town was just named  #1  in Money Magazine's list of Best Places to Live.

Image from Bing Images

The town has grown from about 7000 to over 18,000 since I have lived here. There was a time when I always saw someone I knew wherever I went. Even though that is no longer the case, I still agree that it is a pretty great place to live. 


The Merriam Webster Dictionary has come out with the list of new words added to the dictionary for 2011. 
Included in the list are these words"

Tweet-used as both a noun and a verb.  
I have never Tweeted. 

Helicopter Parent-parents that are overly involved in their children"s lives.
I don't know if I was a helicopter parent or not, but I'm working on being a helicopter grandmom, and enjoying every minute of it. 

Cougar-an older woman that preys on younger men.
I have never been a cougar, but I was accused of it once when I patted my son's backside as I passed by him when he was playing in a band.

Bromance-a very close, platonic relationship between two men.
This, fortunately, doesn't apply to me.

Boomerang child-a  child that returns to live in their parents home after graduating from college.
As we speak, mine are all happy and healthy in their own homes.


A man and his dog

Doc was lying on the floor and I asked him why he was on the floor. He said that he wanted to take a nap and that Dodger was on the bed and he didn't want to disturb him.(Yes, he really said that)  The next time I walked by, Dodger had joined him on the floor. (Not a great picture of Doc, but Dodger looks pretty cute). Those two always keep me entertained. 


I'm  looking forward to a weekend of birthday parties and soccer games. I hope yours is a good one.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who are in the path of Hurricane Irene.


  1. Helicopter parents - I hadn't heard that one - but I get it -it's great!

  2. Dodger has a great life.The story of your husband sleeping on the floor so he wouldn't disturb Dodger says how much Dodger is loved.

    I guess I am a cougar; I am older than my husband by four years.

    I had two boomerang children. Thankfully all three of my children are safely settled now, albeit long distance from me. Actually I was the one who moved far away. Ha.

  3. Your hubby is the soul of kindness if he won't even disturb a sleeping dog! I'm a helicopter parent too and proud of it!
    You must live in a lovely town!

    I'm a Boomerang Mother. I moved in with my daughter's family. But I did it to babsit, so it wasn't MY fault. Now they are stuck with us!

  4. Aloha! I came here from Kay's musings blog for the first time. I must say you have a whimsical blog that I enjoy very much. Are you a stockbroker? My sister's hubby is a broker at Smith Barney in Hawaii and says he will continue working til he dies. Stressful job, though!

    Keep on keeping on! I'll be back!

  5. "Bromance" is new to me. LOL

    I don't know where you live, so I'll have to Google and find out just where the best place to live is.

    That Dodger's got a good thing goin', for sure!

  6. I love your Friday posts! Imagining Doc on the floor and Dodger on the bed cracked me up. LOL!

    I have a boomerang child. Next month my girls will be moving. Marisa is renting her own home and Michelle will move back home. Michelle wants to save more,because she´s planing a trip in the future. What could be cheaper than living at home.... :)

  7. The first time I heard the term "helicopter parent" was in the book "Night Road" by Kristin Hannah, a very good book!

  8. I love your town. My daughter and I were just looking for a house to buy there. It is growing too fast.

  9. Doc spoils Dodger! That photo is just adorable!

  10. Bromance! That is kind of hilarious.

  11. We use to live in a small town but it has grown so much in the last several years! What a kind husband you have letting Dodger have the bed:)

  12. I was a helicopter mom when the kids were in school. I am so embarrassed about it. I guess I was just afraid of them taking a wrong path, or something.

    Love the picture of Doc and Dodger!

  13. I thought I was bad, climbing in and out of bed with care not to disturb the cat. But sleep on the floor? No way! I see why Doc and Dodger keep you entertained!

  14. You are just a treat. Loved these fragments and am happy to "see" you again. Thanks for linking up!

    Loved your commentary about the dictionary words, and the little story about your hubs/dog is just adorable.

    Thanks for the smiles :)

  15. I have never Tweeted and don't plan to - how can you live your life if you are constantly updating people on what you are doing?