Friday, August 19, 2011

Freewheeling Friday/Friday Fragments

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Just a few snippets from the week that was......

A conversation between my daughter, Joanna, and my granddaughter Hope (borrowed from Joanna's FB page)

Hope: Was I alive when Michael Jackson was alive?
Joanna: Yes, he only died a year or two ago.
Hope: Sweet! When I grow up I can tell my kids that I lived in the days of Michael Jackson!


These little feet are about to be walking feet. My grandson, Beck, who will be 1 in September is taking a few steps. So far he can get to where he wants to go faster by crawling, so after a few steps he is back on his hands and knees.


Dodger could choose to take a nap here...

or here....

or even here, in his own comfy bed.

I don't know why he chooses the garage, on the concrete floor, by the trash cans, when it is 95 degrees outside.
As usual, I can ask all I want but he's not talking.


Image from Google Images

I'm going to London to visit the Queen. Well, the invitation to tea at the palace has not actually arrived in my mail box yet, but there's time. I'm going to London next month for a week so I will be available if she wants me to stop by. I know she has been very busy lately with weddings and queen stuff and such, so I'll understand if she doesn't have time to find a stamp and put the invitation in the mail. I'm very excited and looking forward to my trip anyway and I'm sure I can have tea some place near the palace at least. 


  1. Going to London, what a lucky girl. I can't wait to hear about your trip.

  2. How exciting!! London! I´m sure you´ll have a wonderful time. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
    I can´t believe B. is almost 1 already! That´s so fast. There will be no holding him, once he´s running around.
    Have a good weekend Jeanie!

  3. Your pup is probably hot and the floor is cooler!

    And tell the Queen hello when you go!

  4. Hi Jeanie, Not sure where you live in CO - I live in Breckenridge. Dodger is very cute - what kind of dog is he? I'm sure the concrete is cool for him (but not very soft!). Good Luck on your invitation from the Queen!

  5. out of the mouths of babes...have a fun trip...can't wait to hear all about it...

  6. What are you doing to prepare for tea with the Queen? Have you learned your proper curtsy? Enjoy London. Will this be your first visit?

    I loved your post.

  7. London! How wonderful for you. Have a terrific time. Oh how I laughed at your dog.

  8. What a great quote from Hope!

    Enjoy London - will be you going up on the London Eye?

  9. Lucky you, Jeanie! Have a wonderful time. Well, if the Queen is too busy, there's always Will and Catherine?

  10. The concrete is prolly the coolest place in the house. LOL


  11. Well have fun in London! My little sister lived in England for a while and we had some good times there! But be careful for all the teens with INCREDIBLY short pants/skirts... it will blow your mind!


  12. Those feet are adorable!!

    (And the garage floor has likely been nice and cool.)

    Wow! LONDON! Yay for you. I so look forward to hearing of all the fun—as well as your tea time with the Queen!

  13. Hey, you never just may be invited to tea. Keep me posted! I remember when we use to say we couldn't wait until Nicholas learned to walk; hah! took that back real fast after he did learn!

  14. Hope is so funny...
    B is almost does the time fly by like that (o:
    Funny dog. I would pick a different spot if I were him...just sayin!!!
    I am excited for you...when it is all over we will have coffee and talk about how it all went (o:

  15. I love, love, love little baby feet! And London! It's such a fabulous city!I'm just the slightest bit envious and looking forward to traveling vicariously through your blog!

  16. Oh, I'm so excited about your trip to London. I'm sure the Queen will be too.

  17. Do high tea at the Ritz. Very nice. And yummy. Enjoy your week in London.

  18. Luckyyyyyy! The next time I'll see her, I'll tell her to call you! :)

    Sweet, silly kid. My son loved MJ when he was little and still does.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great week :)