Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oops, I Haven't Been A Very Good Blogger Lately

I am always a little sporadic about doing blog posts, but lately I've been downright negligent. I was called out on it by a couple of blog friends e-mailing me this weekend asking  if everything is okay. Everything is fine. I have been a little busy, but mostly I have just been lazy. This is a little of what has been keeping me busy.

Sunday we had a family barbecue at Big Pappy and GT's (Keith and Terry). They are my son-in-law, Brandon's,  dad and step-mom. They have recently moved from New Mexico to Colorado and it is great to have them here. The kids had a great time with water balloons and a Slip and Slide and I had a great time eating Big Pappy's barbecue.

Beck and Big Pappy

Speaking of Big Pappy, he is not only a great host and a wonderful cook, he is a very brave man. Today is the first day of  the 3rd annual Big Pappy's Boot Camp. It should be called Big Pappy's Fun Camp. For this week he will have his 2 boys (he is a full time stay at home dad) along with my granddaughter, Hope, and another grandson, all 8-10 years old, for a week of fun. They will go to an amusement park, a Rockies Game, a water park and other activities that they will vote on. I haven't been invited but I may have to crash a day or two.

The kid's Granddad and Gammy from Oklahoma were here this week and I got to get in on some of the fun of that visit. On Tuesday night we went to White Fence Farm, a fun family style restaurant with lots of activities for the kids on the grounds. Except for a few minutes of panic when EJ was lost briefly it was a very fun time.

EJ got lost when she stayed behind to close all the doors on these animal faces after this picture. She is a very tidy girl.

All's well that ends well, especially if you get cool glasses from the treasure chest.
EJ and Anna

My son, Rob, has a fairly complex job. He is working on Maven, a project to build a satellite that will orbit Mars. This very short infographic explains what he does at a level I can understand....sort of.


  1. Summer is a busy time. I too am finding it hard to keep up with blogging.

  2. You are too hard on yourself - blog without obligation!!

    Hey you look like you are having one fantastic summer.

    Adorable girls.

  3. Big Pappy is a hero!

    Looks like fun. Better to live life than sit in front of the computer. Plenty of time for that when the weather gets cold...

  4. I loved the video about building a satellite. What a fantastic job your son has! Summer is such a busy time, don't worry about blogging too much.

  5. I've been a bad blogger too. I'm just not feeling it right now. Your son has a fastinating job and it looks like you are having a great summer!

  6. Wow. Complex job is right! You can be proud of him.
    I´m not really into the blogging "mode" yet either, it´s somehow to cold to type...
    Thanks for the pics. Sounds like some fun family partys you had.

  7. I think I am more regular about posting, but I have a harder time finding a stretch of time to sit down and really visit. I like to concentrate on everybody's blog homes and can't seem to do it when I keep getting called away from the computer. I love being able to spend time seeing what everybody is up to. I think it's great that you're having a great summer with the kids. That's the MOST important thing!

  8. Over from Belle's.

    What lovely children! :-) And don't worry about not finding the time to blog. Fall will be here soon enough and there will be PLENTY of time over the next, oh, six months, for blogging!


  9. Yep summertime is busy but the pictures and post sounded and looked lovely! I loved the slide, my brother and his girlfriend tried this over the weekend (the adult version with some alcohol) and the came back all bruised.

    And thank you so much for you sweet comment on my withdrawal post!

  10. Hooray! Looks like a lot of summer fun! Glad you're having such a fun time!