Friday, February 4, 2011

Freewheeling Friday

My grandson, Jared, and his friend, Gabe, are experiencing their 15 minutes of fame by being featured on the popular web site  Following is the picture and their poem that appeared on the web site.

We wrote this poem to read at The Jr. Poetry Jamm at school. We are 10 years old and in the 4th grade, we will add to our outfits on the day of the jamm.


By Jared & Gabe (above) inspired by “The Duct Tape Guys”

Gray, shiny and adhesive-Duct Tape

Have a hole in your jeans, no problem –Duct Tape

Have a broken arm, save some money-Duct Tape (we do not recommend this)

Minor fender bender? No problem-Duct Tape

Can’t find Christmas Decorations.- Red and Green Duct Tape

Sticky, Strong and Useful- Duct Tape

Need a cupholder? Use the roll of –Duct Tape

Keep losing your remote? Duct Tape (to your hand or couch, you chose)

Have to go somewhere fancy and need a tie? –Duct Tape

Have troublesome kids-Duct Tape (again, not endorsed by us)

Duct Tape fixing the world one strip at a time.


I am very excited.....I get to meet a blog friend. Doc and I are going to Laughlin, NV next weekend  for a few days and  DonnaB and her husband will be driving up from their home not too far away. We get to meet for lunch on Valentines Day. This will be such a treat for me and I am very grateful to Donna for making the effort for us to get to meet.
My 8 year old granddaughter, Hope, may be getting a little too much into character for her role as Annie in the musical Annie. She is getting her shoulder length hair cut short today. She told her mom that she wants a perm (which she won't get). I just hope she doesn't start asking to dye her blond hair red.


  1. Oh my, I totally loved the poem on duct tape. I love the stuff myself. Just for emergencies you understand! I can't believe you get to meet a blogging friend. That is fantastic!
    We had a friend who's daughter played Annie here in our town. That must be so exciting for your whole family.

  2. OOOoooo, the sun 'el come up tomorrow, ya can bet your bottom dollar it will....I love Annie and I bet your little granddaughter is gonna make a great one. I thinks it's sooo cute that she's takin' her character role so seriously.

    The boys and their 'duct tape' are just too darn cute!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. How fun to meet a blog friend! I hope you enjoy each other´s company.
    Congrats to your grandson and his time in the limelight. I bet he´s really enjoying this.

  4. I am so excited for your grandsons! What a wonderful experience for them!

    Tell Hope to break a leg for me!!

    Have a wonderful time in Laughlin. My parents used to go there often! So glad you will get to meet a blog friend. Make sure someone takes your picture together!

  5. Lots of great things going on for you! The duct tape poetry is awesome. Very cool for the kids. :o) Enjoy your visit with a bloggy friend and best wishes for your granddaughter to remain NON-red!

  6. I'm impressed that they wrote this poem. Also lucky you to get together with Donna B. Have a great time.

  7. Fun picture of the two ten year old friends. Their poem on duct tape is a riot. I will be looking forward to hearing about your meet with Donna. In the meantime, I hope your weekend is wonderful.

  8. where would we be with out duct tape...LOL...have fun meeting your blogging friend...hope you get before and after photos of the hair cut...

  9. Such talented Grandchildren you have. Poets and actresses. I've heard somewhere that you really have to become the character to portray it well, hehe!

    Meeting a blog friend sounds like fun. Can't wait to hear about it.

  10. Oh Jeanie...Jarad and his friend Gabe's poem on Duct Tape is way COOL! Typical little boys...I LOVED IT!!!

    Very impressive Hope will be in Annie...the lead role, I take it...WOW. She shows the confience and security she has to take on such a role. Maybe a budding actress and singer? Look out world! I LOVE her name.

    I am so looking forward to meeting you and Doc in Laughlin. One thing I know, we will have fun and do lots of laughing...

  11. You are so lucky to get to meet Donna!! You are going to have so much fun!!

    Love the poem! So cute!

    Hope as Annie is awesome!

  12. Love the duct tape poem! I've heard they remove warts too! :-) This ode to duct tape is so cute!

  13. What an excellent poem. Well done boys and I love the duct tape ties.