Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doggy Daycare

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There was a time, not too long ago, when the term "doggy daycare" was as likely to be a part of Doc's vocabulary as something like "I wish I could pay more taxes". It was a term he had never heard of and would have probably made fun of if he did hear it. That was before we adopted our dog, Dodger, about a year and a half ago. By surveying his new friends at the dog park, Doc has now become an expert on the plusses and minuses of the all doggy daycare places that are anywhere near us.

Since we adopted Dodger I have been a normal, loving, caring dog owner. Doc has been a total idiot  a wee bit obsessive and over indulgent. Doc is mostly retired but works part time for a friend's company. I've written before about how Dodger goes pretty much everywhere with Doc, perched in the front seat of his truck. If  Doc's work or anything else requires him to be someplace Dodger can't go for any longer than it takes us to go out for Sunday brunch, Doc will not leave Dodger home alone.

Between Doc having a heavier than normal work schedule this week and weather too cold for the dog park, Dodger has had three days at Doggy daycare and I can only laugh at how normal and necessary Doc seems to now think it is.

The name of their current favorite place is Divine Canine. I'm a little worried that the name of the place, plus the fact that they are very fond of him there, might go to Dodger's head. As for Doc and his relationship with Dodger, I think he has found the perfect doggy care.


  1. Oh, I think that is just sweet how your husband dotes on your dog. I bet all the dogs love going to daycare and visiting with other dogs.

  2. This is priceless, knowing of their relationship! I've been tempted myself to drop off our little princess! Think of it as a Miss Manners class for Dogs! Oh, brother!

    Doc sounds like a real gem! You are lucky!

  3. How funny is that???
    Does he let the dog sleep on the bed? My friends have 3 dogs and they all sleep on the bed. Oh was bad enough when the kids wanted in the bed (o:
    Sounds like a good deal.. at least he is not home alone chewing up your furniture (o:

  4. A match made in heaven. I like people who adopt a pet and are responsible pet owners. Good for you and Doc to bring Dodger into your life and take good care of him.

  5. I feel with Doc about leaving Dodger at home for too long. We do sometimes leave Oscar for 4-5 hours, but I feel guilty even though I know he's asleep for most of that time.

  6. That's very sweet. I feel guilty if Gus has to stay home for very long by hiself too. We have talked about doggy daycare but with me home haven't tried it yet. I'm not sure if Gus would like it or not because I'm not sure he knows he's a dog.

  7. I guess it's all relative but it's just a hoot and a half!!!! It's funny to see how 'sappy' our men can become about some things. So funny!!!

    Divine Canine....I'm rollin' here!!!

    God bless and have a super day sweetie!!!

  8. I think when we get older our hearts go all soft on us. I would love to have a doggy dogcare here too, because that would solve many lonely hours for our Nico. Now that the girls have moved out again, he´s pretty much alone every morning.

    I do think it´s funny though how much your Doc loves his Dodger.

  9. This is awfully cute, and I love hearing how Doc and Dodger have bonded. It's super sweet and makes me smile.

    Our most popular (or maybe best known) doggie daycare is called Waggin' Tails.

    Who names these things?!

  10. Ummm... People here in Hawaii would probably think Doc is quite normal. I've got one woman on our street who takes her two dogs out for walks in a doggie carriage. They rarely walk outside of the carriage. It actually is the cutest thing. I've heard that having a dog really keeps you active and healthier in mind and spirit. :-)

    Art doesn't want a dog yet because we travel for pretty long stretches. Maybe someday...

  11. hubby never wanted a house dog...8 years ago we got Nolan...the next year we got Jake....both christmas gifts for me...but they are Daddy's boys....spoilt rotten...