Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Speed Decorating

You can't beat a team of six kids for getting a Christmas tree decorated in record time. Even with one of them on crutches with a broken foot, my grandkids did a spectacular and speedy job of getting my tree decorated.

Even the little ones were sure to select just the right ornament to hang.

The tree decorating went very fast, but getting everyone in place for a picture in front of the tree took a little longer.

It's never "perfect" but to me it is a favorite picture of my grandkids each year in all their wild and crazy normalness.

A fun one from last year,

and the year before.

Beck didn't do much decorating but he enjoyed watching all the activity.

My tree won't win any awards for design. It is a little bottom heavy in the front as a result of two very enthusiastic 2 year old decorators. I feel so fortunate to be able to share this activity with my family every year I think I will (mostly) leave it that way.


  1. This year I decorated by myself because it just didn't work to doit the night we did the Gingerbread house. 11 kids were here off and on that night. Yikes
    I did feel very lonely putting it up by myself.
    love your pictures (o:
    That baby is sooo cute.
    I was telling my daughter how much I miss having a tiny baby around.
    She said if I had about 8 thousand dollars maybe they could have one. Her hubby has had the plumbing taken care of. Well...darn. why should it be so hard to fix. (o: I guess I will just trust God and know he has a plan. I am not in charge. Hmmm (o:

  2. Adorable and I don't blame you for leaving the tree just as they decorated it. That's one special tree.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend a day with all the kids! They are all so adorable and I'm sure just had tons of fun helping grandma out! What wonderful Christmas memories you are making for them!

  4. That must have been so fun!! I love Beck´s smile. Looks really really cute!
    I let my daughter´s decorate my tree too.

  5. I love the idea of having the grandchildren decorate the tree. It's not how it looks. It's the effort and fun that goes into it. And the memories....and pictures to look back on.

  6. What fun to have them all together and decorating your tree so you can think of them every time you walk past the tree. Special.

  7. that is a perfect tree...decorated by your grandkids...they are precious...

  8. I wish I had that many grands to decorate my tree. Looked like tons of fun!

  9. I think it's funny that Hope has on the same shirt the last 2 years. :)

  10. I bet it is the most perfect tree because it was made with the enthusiasm and exuberance of youth, mixed in with love of a family. How can it not be anything else but fantastic!! Next year Beck will be right in there with them having his say of what goes where :)

    truly you are blessed Jeanie!


  11. What fun those kiddos are having! It's a tree made with love and worth keeping exactly how it is. Wonderful memories you're making with them ... great photos, too!

  12. That's what grandmas are for : ) Moms want to go behind and 'fix'...you have a houseful of cuties!

  13. There just couldn't be a better way to spend the day. Your 'grands' are just preciously adorable sweetie!

    Ya'll have a truly blessed day! :o)

  14. How wonderful. Made me wish for grandkids. My day will come. Do you redecorate or leave the tree as is?

  15. This is heartwarming, Jeanie. To have all these special "critters" by your side and to see them enjoying the moments, must have been a total joy..
    My grand-children are coming over on Saturday for the baking of Christmas Cookies. And my daughter and son-in-law came today for the same reason. I guess this has become Santa's cookie house.

  16. Awww....they look like they had lots of fun.
    I once let my nephews and nieces decorate my tree when they were little and it was so fun to watch them.