Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Will Be Just Fine

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From what I have been seeing on many blogs lately it seems that we are full on into the holiday season. Some people have had their house fully and beautifully decorated since the day after Thanksgiving. Others are suffering some angst about not feeling enough of the spirit of Christmas or feeling stressed about the decorating, shopping, baking or Christmas card sending that they need to do.

I think I have plenty of Christmas spirit, I just haven't done much with it yet. I have done a little shopping, I have bought some Christmas cards but none are mailed. I have carried boxes of Christmas decorations up from the basement, but they are still sitting in boxes in the living room. Doc just informed me that he is going to wait a few days before he puts up the outside decorations. That's okay with me. It seems that age and time have given me something of a lassiez-faire attitude about all the "must do" things that come with the season.

I will have the house decorated by the time my grandkids come to decorate my tree next week-end. I will have plenty of food and drink for the 20 or 30 people who will be here on Christmas Eve. I will have gifts for everyone on my list. Whatever I don't get done, we will do without. It won't all be perfect, but it will be fun and it will be filled with the spirit of the season.


  1. Bravo! The Christmas holiday season can get so hectic and overwhelming.....if we let it. I say to go at your own pace. Easy does it.

    We got our decorations out of storage, and they stayed there for over a week until we just started putting things in place today. And we still have more to go.

    What a nifty idea, that your grandchildren decorate your tree. Now, I have to wonder if anyone helps, or you let them have at it and deal with the final look. LOL

  2. Wish I didn't feel so stressed. Going out of town for a week at Thanksgiving has put me way behind. I think once I get done with my decorations then I won't be so stressed. I haven't even started my shopping yet!

  3. good for you...less stress...more JOY....

  4. I love your attitude, Jeanie. So many get so stressed with having to get so much done to sometimes stay with traditions, etc., but really having time to enjoy the season is a good thing indeed! It was like when the kids were little, when they were done decorating the tree, I was done with it.

    It will be a great Christmas! You will be surrounded with those you love and those who love you, so it will be a great Christmas indeed!


  5. It sounds perfect to me. 20 or 30 on Christmas Eve? That's a big crowd! Don't stress the small stuff.

  6. Perfection is so overrated. Joy is so much more wonderful. Happy Holidays!

  7. You are so organized and ready...I'm torn between loving you and being wildly jealous! :)

  8. Who needs perfection when you can have mess and fun and glitter? Haven't put up any decorations yet, but we have baked and eaten gingerbread biscuits!

  9. You have such a wonderful attitude. I wish I could be like you. Unfortunately, I'm one of those who just gets stressed. Sigh... I need to reread this post over and over for the next few days.

  10. Your way of thinking will make Christmas the good that it can be. I´m rather calm this year myself. :) (wonder why...haha)
    Just wanted to let you know all is well. Marisa arrived safely and we are in the hotel in Asuncion still. Enjoying some rain. Everyone is still asleep and I´m reading blogs. :)
    We go home this afternoon.

  11. We got the outside lights up yesterday. Next weekend, we'll wrestle our little aluminum tree into the livingroom and decorate. I've been too afraid of real trees for a while, and my youngest said, "Mom, if you're gonna go fake, you've gotta go all out!" PS: The aluminum tree, a bastion of the '50s, was created in Manitowoc, WI, so there is a connection there. Good luck with your preparations! Your attitude, as always, is the best...

  12. Lassiez-faire is the perfect way of putting it. I used to stress and fret, but now, with no kids in the house and no grandkids even scheduled to visit, it's far too easy to say, "meh." I'll still decorate, some even today, but I'm not going to stress. I do have most gifts bought (thank you, Internet!), but all still to wrap and ship. Kind of nice not having to worry so much ... although a little lonely, too. C'est la vie.

  13. I wish I had some motivation to get into the mood! *sigh*
    YOu certainly sound organised... good for you! smiles*

  14. I think it sounds divine -- you sound so festive and totally in control -- really able to take it all in stride. I sometimes wonder if I would have everything up now if we weren't going to be away for a week beginning Tuesday. Then we'll have Rick's to decorate when we return. I love it, I love having it up, seeing the lights, but I would have liked to spread it out a bit!

    Everyone does the holidays differently -- and that's sort of what I love. Everyone is unique and their celebrations and how they approach them are.

    I may not be able to comment or visit much while I'm gone, but I'm trying to get up one or two pre-posts, so I hope you'll check in!

  15. I am in about the same place as you
    It will happen
    maybe about the time we have to take it all down (o:
    I am cutting out crafts for the kids tomorrow...
    Rich is putting on tree lights...and I say...maybe more and he says maybe not (o:
    My computer is not working so I am on a different one and I don't like it !!! Oh well

  16. I always wonder what to give my boys as they don't think clothes are interesting and they prefer electronics which cost a lot more. They still need the clothes as they don't shop for themselves all year. I agree, it's all about being together.

  17. I've had to push myself and that is soooo not me. This is the season I love and live for. I haven't been able to put my finger on it exactly be it health (which I am much better, or the loss of my dad). Today I'm knee deep in fudge though...what a way to go!!! :o)

    (says the chick with chocolate on her face)

    God bless ya and have a most incredible day!!!

  18. My thinking is always, what will be done, will be done.
    I was even thinking of forgoing the cards this year, but then I got an idea and couldn't let it just fade away. So I made my own, simple, but nice.
    I take Christmas as it comes and try to enjoy the moments.