Friday, December 17, 2010

Freewheeling Friday

Woo hoo, it's Friday, and I'm once again full of little thoughts to empty out of my head into a multi-tasking Freewheeling Friday.


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I usually try to do my best to ignore the whole getting older thing, but this week it kind of slapped me up the side of the head, or to be more exact, right in the mouth. I had to have a tooth pulled. I tried to avoid it, but after 2 root canals, root surgery and lots of money, they said it had to come out. It is (or was) a back tooth and will soon have a shiny new implant in it's place so I'm not quite as tooth-impaired as the picture above, but I sure felt like it for a day or so this week.


In a departure from showing imperfect pictures of my grandkids and my dog, I want to show a picture of my imperfect angel. She has been on top of every Christmas tree of my life and on top of my parent's trees before I was born. She got a new dress sometime in the '80s, but her wings are the same one's she got when someone rang a bell. Her face is a little cracked, but whose isn't when they have been around as long as she has?  (As far as I know, she still has all of her own teeth).



We have usually shoveled (okay, Doc has usually shoveled) about two feet of snow by this time in December, but this year there has been no shoveling because we have had no snow. Right here in the middle of snow, so it was fun to wake up this morning to at least a little dusting. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which reminds me......................

My 8 year old grandaughter, Hope, is playing the little girl who doesn't believe in Santa in It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas, an updated musical version of Miracle on 34th Street at a local theater. She has had several performances with two more to go this weekend. She loves the singing and dancing and knows all of her lines and everyone else's. It is a great story of faith and believing and has left me with no doubt that Santa is real.


  1. Heeehehehe, after lookin' at that face..ours...maybe not so bad! 'Just cracked me up girl! I'm so sorry about your tooth, dang after ya pour all that money in one ya kinda wanna keep it don't ya???

    I bet your granddaughter does a fantastic job in the play! I just adore goin' to Christmas Plays.

    God bless ya and have an amazin' weekend sweetie!!!

  2. I'm waiting for a root canal. But I've used up all of my allotment for dental care for the year, so I have to wait until after January. Keeping my fingers crossed, because it hurts, and me and pain don't get along so well.

    Talk about nostalgia. If she could talk, that angel could tell a few stories I'm sure.

    I wish the best to Hope. A budding actress.

  3. The snow is so pretty. Your tree angel is almost as cute as your granddaughter! I bet you get a kick out of watching her sing on stage. My youngest daughter was our little singer and I still get a kick out of listening to her.

  4. You must be so proud of Faith! She is so talented and I bet she loves acting her part.
    I hope your teeth/tooth are better by now. Isn´t it great, that we don´t have to look like that granny in the picture anymore?

  5. Bravo to your Granddaughter! I think it's terrific that she's up ont he stage and enjoying it so much. good for her.

    So sorry about the tooth. The dentist is one of my least favorite places to spend money.

    how wonderful that you have your christmas tree angel from before you were born. That is so special and a wonderful keepsake. And she's beautiful.

    Merry Christmas! jj

  6. how precious that angel tree topper must be after many years of service on top of Christmas trees!

    I am sure Hope is doing a splendid job in her performance! I bet it is fun for her to do and for you to see her as she performs.

    Not much snow in Colorado in December; does that mean late snow in April?


  7. Hurray for your granddaughter! What an accomplishment!

  8. Wow - hurray for your granddaughter. It's so wonderful to watch our kids or grandkids up on stage.

    That angel is lovely - old but oh so beautiful. A bit like us! ;-)

  9. I know that you loved seeing your beautiful granddaughter in her play!

    We have had 3 dustings of snow here in NC...hard to believe that you haven't had any.

    I love your angel! You are so lucky to have it. I would love to have some of my moms.

  10. Oh boy, I AM having big time dental work this Tuesday. A tooth keeps cracking (and fixed numerous times)and I'm done with it!!!! Finally getting a crown that looks like the rest of my teeth. Not that they are all that great looking, but it's better than biting down on the smallest morsel and have piece of tooth in my hand....
    Terrific grand-daughter...Wonder what the future holds for her??

  11. I think I have a bad tooth and it's been root canaled and had a dang fortune spent on it. My dentist will want to fix it again but I'm thinking it needs a funeral. So your not alone. We had our first Great grand baby this week! That will really make you feel old. Seems like yesterday that my grandson was born and now he's a daddy. Your granddaughter looks adorable, how fun she likes to be an actress!

  12. I love that the angel still adorns your tree after all this time. And it's great that your granddaughter likes to perform...what a special experience for her.