Monday, November 22, 2010

Being Domestic is Dangerous

Since I have a crowd coming for Thanksgiving I foolishly stuck my toes back into the dangerous waters of domesticity over the weekend, a pool I most often avoid these days. I did crazy things like ironing napkins and table cloths, polishing silver and washing wine glasses by hand.

When will I ever learn? My weekend activities left me with a burn on my arm from the iron, chapped hands and sore fingers (silver polishing is a lot of work). Not to mention some complaints from muscles I haven't used for a while from carrying boxes of dishes, tables and chairs up from the basement. Oh, and my brain hurts a little because being domestic involves some decision making when you aren't used to it.

In my own defense, I can be domestic and in fact have spent many years of my life being domestic. I don't like to think of myself as a slacker, just as someone who is lucky to have choices at this point in my life. The above mentioned dangers make it seem like a good choice for me. 

Now that I am on a roll with this domestic stuff I think Thanksgiving will be fine with the help of the people that came and cleaned my house today and all the food that my gracious guests will be bringing on Thursday. 

Someday the flame of domesticity might be reignited within me, but for now since I have been reminded of the dangers of being domestic, I think I will go back to practicing avoidance.


  1. it is dangerous....Have a great Thanksgiving...

  2. Amen... too much domesticity is dangerous and just plain crazy. To be avoided at all costs... if possible. ;-) Enjoy your Thursday!

  3. I'm all for practicing avoidance, any time the opportunity presents itself! Thank goodness for friends and family bearing food and cleaning crews bearing the tools for spiffing and shining!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy that shining silver!

  4. I was on someone's blog today when she says she irons most of her clothes, I had to think "do I own an iron?" I think it is wonderful how you are getting ready for the holiday! I am sure everything will be and is sparkly ready for it!! And at least you have a few days to recuperate before it is here, right?


  5. I've been fluffing the house this week too but there is no way I'm going to iron napkins. You go girl. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. lol (o:
    love it...I find many dangers in it too. I get tired and grumpy.
    I never really talked to all my peeps that were here... just put out. picked up, settled little kid problems...policed my toy room (just a little) to keep from having to many disasters. I loved your story. It will be a great day for you I am sure.

  7. I wish I had the choice. Seems like I´ll be needing to be more and more "domestic" now that the girls are moving back. But my time will come.

  8. Now if you could just get the people who cleaned your house to come back and do all the dishes it'd be perfect :-)
    Have a wonderful time and enjoy your friends and family. I'm sure it will be a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    xo jj

  9. Even if the flame of domesticity isn't reignited, you will be fine. It is perfectly fine being domestic enough to cook once in awhile and supervise regular cleaning. Hope your Thanksgiving is warm and loving.

  10. I think I may be one of those slackers you mentioned. I'm afraid I didn't train my slacker husband and slacker kids in the "domestic" way. It will get done!

    Sounds like it will be a wonderful day at your house. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Oh my,yours sound as bad as mine. I have avoided being domestvic for some time, and now I know why.
    I am, right at this point, a casualty of war; kitchen war. I sliced my thumb this morning while cuttring cel ery for my ahead of the game Turkey dinner. My rig ht thumnvb was bleeding profusely, whgile the left held on to a piece of meat, ie not turkey meat. Witsh paper towels (yes many) was wrapped arou nd my thumb, and as I RAN for the medicine cabinet, I left a long trail of some red stuff behind...
    I'M DONE!!!!!!!
    You'll read some more about it on my blog as soon as I can avoid all these typing m istakes..

  12. Avoidance, as with abstinence, is always the best practice.

    Just sayin'.

  13. Okay, that was my funny reply. Now, for my dead serious comment.

    Take a look around you. Your family, your home, your life. You did a pretty good job at domesticating. You are the domestic diva.

  14. I go to great length not to iron. I take my cloth napkins and placemats out of the washer wet and lay them flat to dry!!!

    I have a friend who irons everything...even her bluejeans and her husbands!!!

    God bless and have a great Thanksgiving day tomorrow sweetie.

    I gotta get crackin' kitchen is callin'.........

  15. I'm still fighting feelings of inadequacy at the fact that you polish silverware. Don't you guys have plastic cutlery?
    You are super domestic hero for sure!