Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday


There is nothing solid in my head today so though I'm a little late to the game I'm going to Random Thoughts Tuesday from the Un Mom to empty out the pieces.

Wind:  One of the reasons that I'm not thinking well may be the wind....every thought that comes to me gets blown away by the wind that is blowing and blowing and blowing outside. 
As it blows and blows it is getting colder and colder and will probably blow in some snow tonight. Constant wind makes me a little crazy. Maybe I need to go fly a kite.

Taxes:  I have read several posts talking about rushing to get tax returns prepared. I have great admiration for any one who is brave enough, smart enough or crazy enough to prepare their own taxes. 
Ours have been with the accountant for several weeks and I am hoping to hear any day now that we are getting  a big refund. I don't expect one, but I can hope. Do you have your taxes done? Do you do them yourself? Are you getting a refund?

PaintingI wrote last fall that Doc had declared that we needed to paint the outside of the house and he assigned me the task of choosing colors. I managed to talk him off the ledge for a while, but now that Spring is here, or nearly so, he is back up there and ready to leap, so I'm back to trying to decide on colors. It is 

hard for me to choose when I know I am going to have to look at whatever I choose for several years. We also need to do some painting on the inside. That brings us to a conversation that always ends with Doc saying "but, what's wrong with white walls".

Baby or baby:  I'm very excited to find out if my new grandchild due in September is a boy or a girl. I will get to find out a little earlier than normal. My daughter and her family are going to Albuquerque this week end where her husband's step-mom is a perinatal OB, so they will hopefully come back with an answer.

Spring Break:  I wish work had a Spring break.

I feel better now. Thanks!


  1. Finding out gender is always exciting!

    We pay somebody to do our taxes - worth every penny.

  2. Good ones, Jeanie. I can just hear your sigh when you say "I feel better now. Thanks."
    Let us know when you find out what the grandchild is.

  3. MY hubby always says "What´s wrong with white walls" too!!! So typical!
    And boy do I HATE wind! When I was younger it didn´t matter that much to me, but with age, it gets on my nerves. We haven´t had our dreaded north winds in a while now, but winter is coming and for sure they will come too.
    Can´t wait to hear what sex the baby will be!

  4. Here in Denver, the winds have been blowing,,
    and yes they are cold, with the promise of snow..
    of which I am so very tired!
    The thought of my booked reservations to home (Florida) in May retains my sanity!
    Taxes have been done, unfortunately, a huge amount had to be paid to the infernal revenue stinkers.
    state gave us a teensy amount which was barely enough to pay the accountant!!!
    I would NEVER attempt to do taxes myself..some things I'm good at..and the things I'm not,well, I simply pick up the phone and hire a professional!
    Paint..I love to paint..can and will do it for hours..as soon as it is warm enough to open windows again without being blown away, indoor painting will commence..and then the outdoors..
    for you, I am excited that you are going to be a grandma again..
    hugs, smiles too..

  5. these were cute to read, how exciting for a new grandbaby in September!! always a joy with a new baby :)

    I'm not fond of the wind either, give me a cold day over a warm windy one

    good luck finding the right paint color, I'm not good at things like that, perhaps that's why we are renting these days :)

    taxes......I guess that time is coming up. We have H&R Block do them every year for the almost 30 years we've been married. I'm not sure what will happen this year if we get a refund or have to pay (I have to set up an appt to get them done, better get on that). We usually have to pay but maybe not this year.......

    I would never do my taxes; its too complicated

    hope you have a nice Wednesday :)


  6. Doing taxes is very... well... taxing!

    Glad you're feeling better.

  7. Congrats on the new grandchild. Let us know!

    PS: I've got three words for you on paint: neutral, neutral, neutral.

    Unfortunately, there are six million neutral shades to choose from. Pick a good one.


  8. I enjoyed your randomness, Jeanie and I laughed at you 'talking Doc down from the ledge'.

    I would never, ever, ever prepare my own taxes. Nuh-uh. Now I might let Dodger prepare them.....

  9. I'm with you on the wind - it makes every muscle, joint and nerve center in my body hurt, not to mention making me crazy. I would never have made it in the dust bowl!

    We've been doing Turbo Tax the last six or seven years, and it's so easy. We've never had trouble with it. In fact, I just bought it yesterday and will finish putting the info in today to find out the probably bad news.

    I'm jealous that you're getting another grandbaby, and look forward to hearing what it is. We only have the one daughter, and she's decided to stop at the two boys, so that's it for us as well. I was so hoping for a girl before she was done (in addition to the boys, not instead of!).

    I always paint the interior a neutral color called 'oatmeal', as I have so many electic colors for accessories. Our exteriors in this area are almost always vinyl siding because of the humidity and termites, and ours if soft yellow with green shutters. This'll be the first time we've ever had to not worry about painting the exterior! Though we do have to pressure wash at least once a year as we get that southern green mildew on the siding.

  10. I hope the wind stops blowing for you soon unless of course it brings with it news of your grandchild.

    Not thinking about taxes. Yuck.

  11. So that's what's wrong with my brain today! I spent the day outside in the wind yesterday. Heeheehee!

    God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  12. We have had wind, wind, cold wind and today even snow.
    Our taxes are done.
    How exciting about a new Grand baby (o:

  13. Choosing a house color is perplexing. I'm sure you will find the one that you love!

    Taxes? TAXES?? I wish the wind would blow that idea away.

  14. I am so glad I have a Spring Break!! Everyone should!! I know you are excited to find out what your new grandchild will be.

  15. I haven't visited in a while and had to catch up. Lots happening. Congrats on the new ?? baby. Hate taxes!! Will come by more often so that I don't miss anything. Happy Spring!

  16. I hate to choose paint colors as I'm a very indecisive person. My mother's entire house is white - including the kitchen cabinets, blinds, and the carpet anc couches are off white. I can't stand it!

  17. We just painted our shed, and the shutters on the house are next. My wife is choosing the colors, and I just have to live with it. HELP!

    I did my own taxes for many years and got tired of it. We have an accountant who does them now.