Monday, April 12, 2010

A Place In The Sun or It's A Dog's Life

I think our dog, Dodger, found his place in the sun when he came to live with us, or more to the point, when he came to live with Doc. I should have had a clue last fall when we were talking about getting a dog from an animal shelter. Doc very tersely warned me when he said "I get attached". There was a lot of understated information in those few words.

Dodger in his favorite place in the sun

I have written before about Doc going off to bed one night , giving Dodger a big hug, saying "I love you" to him and forgetting to say "good night" to me or even to give me a pat on the head. Yes, Doc was embarrassed enough that it was all worthwhile. The Doc and Dodgerisms continue. Doc opted out of a vacation in January because he thought it was too soon to leave Dodger. We have a trip to New Orleans planned in June and Doc has been researching places for Dodger to stay. The have an "interview" scheduled next Friday at a place called Rocky Hill Ranch. Their tag line is "All dogs go to heaven, ours our already there". Oh my.

Doc is retired but he works part time for a friend that has a property management company.

Dodger travels with him everyday and has become an expert in checking out properties.Their days usually involve a stop at the dog park, and all to often, the donut shop, though I'm not supposed to know about that. They have a daily play date in the late afternoon with a neighbor dog, a Corgi named Sammie.

Dodger  and Sammie

Doc grumbles a lot about shoveling snow, but still felt the need to shovel a path for Dodger through "Dodger Park", the name my grandkids have given the fenced area in our yard, every time it snowed. I haven't figured out the reason for this since Dodger loves playing in the snow. I think maybe it was more about Dodger having fun playing in the snow and with the shovel.

And, of course, there was a path shoveled to make it easy to get to Sammie's gate for their daily play date.

I won't even mention the trips to the pet store for new toys, playtime on the couch before bed, or the number of times a day Doc tells me what a good dog Dodger is. It is all good with me and I love how good they are  for each other. I probably should check, though, and make sure Doc isn't thinking about changing his will.

"Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend."
Corey Ford


  1. This is the cutest story ever! You should totally work it up for a children's series.

    Doc and Dodger Go To Work
    Doc and Dodger Visit Sammie
    Doc and Dodger Go to New Orleans (because you know and I know, nowhere is gonna be good enough for Dodger!)

  2. THAT is adorable! And I'm very impressed that you aren't jealous!

  3. LOL; sounds like a match made in heaven with Doc and Dodger!! and Dodger is such a cute dog! I love Doc's attitude towards Dodger; hoping you can work out the details for Dodger to be kept well while you plan your next trip. (honestly we are going to Montana next month and I'm already having jitters about leaving Koda for the week even though we have done it before; and I have shoveled out areas in the backyard when we lived in Montana for him because of his short legs so he can take care of his business; yet he snubs me sometimes and prefers my hubby over me.......)

    cute entry :)


  4. Dodger can come and stay with us any time you guys want to go away! We have EXCELLENT facilities here in a big, dog friendly house...and 3 playful pooches who love visitors.

    The same thing happened with my husband, Jeanie...even with the cats. It can actually be amusing if you think of how they were before the animals if their hearts grew ten-fold.

  5. I love this story! What a love! I hope the "Heavenly Hotel" works out for you!

  6. It's a match made in heaven....but I think you're just along for the ride. Too sweet.

  7. Oh my.. and Doc was the one who didn't want YOU to get overly attached?

    Too adorable!

  8. Ya know every boy need a good dog, remember Timmy and Lassie? Heeehehehe! It really does sound like love at first sight!!!

    God bless ya and have a terrific Tuesday!!!

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  10. What a cute post! Every good puppy deserves a boy!

  11. Funny, Jeanie. Have you checked if the will has been changed????

  12. I squishy heart Dodger what a dog. Dogs are the best. My husband fell in love with my dog. He was a big black standard poodle. He stole my dog actually. If we ever get another dog it has to be a big black stand poodle--my hubby insists. This is a great story.

  13. Love this post. Your dog is so cute. I used to have a german shephard who followed the sun spots around my house so that she could lay in the warm spots. I spoil my dogs like your doc does. When I die, I want to come back as my dog [or maybe doc's].

  14. So cute, this post and your Doc! :) Sounds like he has a soft heart and is totally in love with his Dodger. I think it´s adorable. But I do hope he comes with you on your next trip.

  15. So cute
    that doggie is the citist thing
    do wonder the hubby has a thing for him
    Hope you get to go on vacation...and dog daycare works out
    Have you seen the movie Hathi?
    It has a sad warned
    but the guy has such a close relationship with the dog

  16. A man and his dog story told very nicely here, Jeanie. Our Adi and I just got recertified with the Delta Society as a 'pet therapy team.'
    Thank you for peeking in on our grandkid, KP. Her mom likes to drive too!

  17. I'm trying to talk my mother into letting my dad get a dog. He has been kind of depressed and grumpy since his health has started to decline. I think it would help perk him up.

    Also, Everyday Goddess' suggestion of making a children's series is awesome, btw.

  18. I loved this post! And Dodger is an adorable dog!