Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank Goodness for Digital Cameras

Thank goodness for digital cameras. From when I first became a grandmother 9 years ago when Jared was born, I pretty much always have a camera with me and I love taking pictures of my grandchildren.  Getting all 6 of them in the same picture is a special coup for me. Jared's birth apparently happened before I had a digital camera....during a recent closet cleaning, I uncovered a grocery bag full of packets of pictures of just his first year, and those are the one's that didn't make it into the album. If it weren't for digital cameras, I would by now be overrun with those packets of out of focus, too dark, too light, not just right pictures.

My photo obsession has grown by having my two youngest grandchildren, two precious little girls, Ellis and Anna, born just four months apart. When the two of them are together I can't help wanting to take every picture possible. I'm so bad that I fear that they'll only remember me as a body with a flashing box for a face.
Ellis just turned two this week and Anna will be two in May. Even though I didn't do very well with Christmas pictures this year, I got enough to show what a difference a year makes.

Thank heaven for for digital cameras, polka dot footy pjs and little girls.


  1. Those girls are so lucky to have a grandma like you and I'm sure they'll grow up to be best friends. So cute.

  2. They are absolutely precious Jeanie! Of course no one has to remind you, right? You are bless but so are they to have you.

    Digital rocks, now we only keep the pics worth keeping.

    I think I need some of those cute polka dot footy pjs. Maybe they would keep my feet cozy in this cold weather!

    Have a fantastic day and may God bless it!!!

  3. I'm with you on everything in this post! I've voiced the fear many times that my grandkids will look back at photos in years to come, when I am gone, and not see any photos of the mawmaw who loved them so much that she took thousands of photos of them, but none of herself! The two that I put on my xmas post with them are among only a handful! I have fifteen chronological printed photo albums and love to look back thru them at least once or twice a year, from beginning to end, and now I'm worried about those photos on the computer (with whatever program a person chooses) that can't so easily be 'flipped thru', but also don't want to go to the trouble of printing them and starting more albums or picking and chosing what actually goes in the album. With digital we print only the best, but with the old fashion printed ones you took what you got back from the processer and sometimes those candid not so perfect ones were the best. Does anyone else worry about this? Really, haven't you just grabbed a photo album or box of photos and sat on the couch with someone to look at them, at maybe 25 years of life, that can't be done with the computer? There's just something about the whole process, looking at everything in each photo, turning the pages. Ah well, it's probably just my age. I love my digital, it opened up new world's to me, but I'll always look back fondly on those albums!

  4. Oh! Be still my heart! What precious babies.

    And might I say, I ADORE your new look. It's so fresh and crisp. Nice job. Love it.

  5. My first two grandchildren were born 6 days apart. My daughters were expecting at the same time so those two grandkids are pretty close but one is a boy and one a girl. You have two girls so close in age and they will be able to be more like sisters than cousins. The difference of one year in your photos is astounding isn't it. I agree with you about the digital camera, it must have been a grandma who helped move along the technology on the digital camera.

  6. Grandchildren are the numero uno reason to go digital. What a pair of precious cuties! I'm on the bandwagon, you better believe it.

  7. I'm soooo glad YOU have a digital camera to share these gorgeous kinds with us.

  8. They are precious!! I just want to squeeze them! :)
    I agree with your post. Digital camera´s are the best invention ever!! They only thing is, I have to make an effort to save the pic´s on CD´s.....maybe when I have grandkids..... :)

  9. Jeannie, I love digital photos for the same reason you do... grandchildren! I used to print out lots of them and stuff them into albums, but lately I've mostly just posted the favorites on my blog.

  10. I lug my camera around with me all the time now. I think to myself, "I may need a picture for my Facebook page!"