Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Am Glad I Have A Job

"Just be glad you have a job!"

I want to be clear....I am glad I have a job. I'm glad I have a job that I like. I am glad I work for a great company (almost always in the top 10 of Fortune Magazine's Best Places to work) and that I work with a great person. I am glad I have a job! That being made clear, I do occasionally have a rough day or a rough week at work and I may mumble a small complaint like "Boy, I had a rough day at work," or "I sure need a vacation," or some such minor grumble about working. Inevitably, in these tough times, any such statement is met with the same response....."Just be glad you have a job!" More than once when I have casually asked someone how their day is going the response has been, "Well, I'm just glad I have a job."

I am certainly not unaware of the struggles of those who have lost jobs and those who fear losing their jobs. I have been there and I could be there again. The jobless, without question, have reason to complain.

I truly hope things improve on that front soon, for those who need jobs, and in a much smaller way, for those of us who have jobs. It will be great for the time to come when complaining about our jobs can once again be in style.

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