Friday, January 16, 2009

At 61 years old I often think back and wish I could remember more about myself or my children or some event or activity....all those years and all those things that brought me to today. I like where I am today....I live with Doc, who I call Kenny, who thinks whatever I do is okay. I have 1 son and two daughters, 1 daughter-in-law, 2 sons-in-law, and six grandchildren, all of whom I think are the best ever, and who all bring joy beyond description to my life. I'm not sure that they think that whatever I do is okay, but they let me share in their lives and that makes everything okay for me. Blogging feels like a good way to reflect, remember and share the things that take us from day to day, and with time make up the life we look back on.

Why "Living Consciously"? I am, like everyone, getting older and I hope, like everyone, that continues for a long time, so I want to do it the best I can. I feel like one of the keys to that is to live consciously. It is something I have thought about and tried to do for a long time, but still can't totally define., and certainly am far from being really good at. Maybe blogging will help me along that path.

I expect that I will write more about what I am thinking than what I am doing, more about other people than myself. Many years ago I wrote a weekly newspaper column about my family, things going on in the community, etc. This feels a little like that, without the circulation. Maybe I'll write a lot, or maybe I won't write very often, but I hope I will entertain at least myself with what I write and that I'll have something I can look back on when I think "I wish I could remember................"

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  1. I like it, mom! I'll be interested to read your thoughts as time goes on!