Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where Have All The June Days Gone?

I guess it is a good sign that I have ignored my blog for a while when a couple of other bloggers send e-mails asking if everything is okay. I am fine (thanks for your concern) but the days of June have really flown by. I worked for a week and then spent a few days after that catching up with chores and errands....not much fun to write about. 

We did have a good Father's Day picnic (minus my son and his family who were out of town) with baseball and water balloons. 

Beck was a water balloon maniac

Hope out for a catch

Jared played a little hard ball catch with his uncle Brandon

What EJ lacked in style she made up in determination


 Last week Doc and I got away for a few days to the beautiful Colorado River between 
Arizona and Nevada. 

We got to celebrate the first day of summer by going to a Beach Boys concert.

Even though only one or two are from the original Beach Boys the music was great
and it was a  very fun and nostalgic way to greet the summer

Now I am hoping for things to slow down for a bit with some time to enjoy the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. 

How is your summer going?


  1. It's nice to know you're well and enjoying the beginning of summer, dear Jeanie! I've been following the adventures and misadventures of Beck, Hope, Jared and EJ for a while now and it's great to see updated pictures of them. How cool that you went to a Beach Boys show! I went to a Beach Boys concert in the summer of 1966. I'm glad you enjoyed your getaway to the picturesque area along the Colorado River. Mrs. Shady and I will soon be headed your way. In three weeks we are going to California to visit family and we have stops planned in New Mexico and Arizona.

    Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, dear friend Jeanie!

  2. How fun with the getaway and seeing the Beach Boys concert. I always did enjoy their music. Looked like a lot of fun on Father's Day too. It is hard to imagine it is the end of June already. My summer is going okay, not much happening in it, but don't expect much to happen either :)


  3. I too have been away from blogging. There has just been too much going on. Great to read your news. It sounds like you had a great get away. A few years back, we saw the Beach Boys in concert. It was a very fun evening. I thought they put on a good show.

  4. Nice way to spend Father's Day and also have a sojourn with Doc.

  5. The Beach Boys! How cool. (But don't ya think we can call them "men" by now...?)

    It sounds like your June has been fantabulous. Nothing more fun than playing with water balloons on a hot summer day. That picture of the Colorado River is gorgeous. I know this is gonna sound stupid, but I never thought of that part of the country as having palm trees. I know... DUH!

    Happy weekend!

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  7. Sure looks like a whole passel of fun!

  8. Jeanie - Just stopping by for a quick visit. I've heard that Beach Boy concert is good - I have a blog friend in LA who attended. Hope your summer hasn't been too hot so far. Finally, the snow in our yard has melted and the wildflowers are starting to sprout in the forests and high meadows though there is still some white up high. I's been cool here - a slow start to the growing season. Have a great summer!

  9. How fun...a trip and time to relax...and a Beach Boys Concert! Hard not to be jealous! tee hee

    Life is crazy here at my house right now...but I am learning to be patient and to wait on God's timing.

    I too have gotten away from blogging. I seem to do facebook for quick updates and checking in on my friends and family. (But I still remember blogging fondly, and all of my bloggy friends...including you! :) I haven't closed my blog, I just do an update every month or two.

    Life has been changing for us. And mostly things have involved family needs and situations. But I am not really complaining...just telling it like it is! My faith remains strong...and everyday is filled with hope!

    May many blessings rain down on you and on your family!

    Love, Linda

  10. Nice to see a post from you Chick. It's winter here now, so seeing you guys enjoying summer is lovely. Though, it's not very cold here in Auckland I must say.

  11. Everything looks so beautiful and green! Hope you enjoy every single second of your summer!

  12. Family activities can make the days fly by. The Beach Boys! I remember seeing them in Tulsa when I was in high-school (circa 1964-65). All of their songs were new, and all of us were much livelier.

  13. No wonder your June went so fast. It was packed with fun!

  14. "Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" - I love that song and all the images it conjures up. Summer ALWAYS goes by so quickly. Glad you enjoyed your get-away. What fun!

  15. Summer has been a whirlwind for us. We already had our vacation. Son has been to two summer camps.