Monday, April 28, 2014

Where Does The Time Go? or It's The Little Things

Where does the time go?  Time flies when you're having fun. The older you get the faster time goes. All of these cliches are admittedly trite, but they express some truth about most of our lives....time does fly by. Sometime a week goes by and it seems like I was busy but didn't really do much of anything, certainly not anything to blog about. On the other hand, it is these little things that make up life and looking back I see that the privilege of and the joy in being able to do these little things is a pretty big thing.

Some of the little things I'm glad to be able to do......

Kids baseball......lots of kids baseball. Five of my seven grandkids will be playing some kind of baseball this summer. I don't make it to all the games, I don't make it to bad weather or far away games. I don't even think that I was at this game that my 10 year old grandson, Justin,  played recently, but I am glad to have lots of kids baseball games to go to.

Dog walks.....lots of dog walks no matter what the weather but especially nice right now with so many blooming trees and flowers.

A little Play Doh cookery with a 3 year old chef.

Learning something new. I have been taking Pickleball lessons (well, only two so far) but it is a lot more fun way to get some exercise than walking on the treadmill or using those machines at the gym so I think I will keep it up.

Some silly time before the start of a middle school play with two of my granddaughters.

Another saying that is trite but true......Little things mean a lot.

What kind of "little things" have made time fly by for you lately?


  1. Hi, Jeanie! I know how good it must feel after a long, hard Colorado winter to cure your cabin fever by getting outdoors in spring. Even ordinary activities like walking Dodger are infused with pleasure when the weather is more inviting.

    The pictures of your grandsons playing baseball remind me of my youth. I played baseball in an 8 to 12 league and wore the uniform of the Fraternal Order of Eagles playing first base in a 13-15 league. I have played badminton and tennis and ping pong but never heard of Pickleball. I read that the sport got started in 1965 in Washington state but somehow it eluded me all these years.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend Jeanie!

  2. Living close enough to the grand kids to enjoy their activities is one of the true joys of being a grand parent. Our oldest grand daughter will graduate from high school next month. We have a ten-year-old grand son that lives and breathes baseball. His twelve-year-old sister is the soccer player, while the fourteen-year-old grand daughter is a dancer. Some days there are more activities than we can attend. Yes indeed, the little things mean a lot.

  3. I had hoped to make it up north to watch my grandson play ball for the Erie Tigers this spring, but the season is nearly over and we will be traveling out of state for other grandchildren special occasions later this week. You are so fortunate live so close. Those ball games are such fun. Then you have drama too. I think it is neat to know your grandchildren are so involved.

    I've wondered about pickleball. I see that there are classes at the Y. I have not gotten back to my exercise routine yet. I'll have to check it out.

  4. Neat to have the kids involved in baseball like that! I'm sure the games you get to go and see are exciting since your grands are playing in them! Win or lose, always fun to see young kids playing at a sport. Such pretty flowers too blooming! Does Disco like to stop and smell them along the way?

    It is neat to stop and appreciate the little things of life like this that really make up so much of our life!

    And I'm not really sure what pickleball is, but it does sound like it could be a good way to burn off some calories!


  5. You've been busy, Jeanie. I'm spending time in the desert with my friend. The days are flying by - we're talking, walking, eating, and enjoying our happiness.

  6. All my grandchildren have outgrown sports activities. Recently my fun has been concentrating on my granddaughter Beth who is a high school senior this year. She has come here often to earn money for Prom, band banquet, graduation, and college welcoming festivities. Having her here working hard and sharing all her excitement has been treasured times for me.

  7. You could say the little things mean a lot. But I don't think anything you shared in this beautiful post was little. What can be bigger than spending time with your grandlittles and participating at their games, doing play-doh, walking Dodger. From where I sit, those are the big things in life, the things that really matter. I'm so glad you are enjoying every single one of them -- and probably a lot more!

  8. What is pickleball? I've never heard of it!
    Little things? Watching Dante learn new things. Hearing Keera say 'Home' which is so cute.

  9. You have such cute grandkids.
    Lately, I have found myself thinking of plants to buy and food to cook. Both very pleasant topics.

  10. "...the privilege of and the joy in being able to do these little things is a pretty big thing." I love this, but I have to agree with the other commenter who said the things you mentioned aren't "little" at all. And I'm guessing that you being able to spend that much time with your grandchildren is a pretty big thing to THEM, too. Our grandchildren all live in other states, so we don't see them nearly as often as we'd like, so being with them is always a big deal for us... no, it's HUGE. The most wonderful blessing of getting old.

  11. I'm a huge believer in the small pleasures. A cup of coffee before work. A 30 minute stroll at lunch. You have to have the moments.