Monday, April 21, 2014

Pretty Girls and Silly Girls....A Fun Easter With Family

Lots of years of blogging means lots of years of the same family events coming around again and again. Since the main reason I started blogging was to help me record and remember family events and activities here I am again with another family Easter.

Pretty girls, almost 6 year old Anna and 6 year old EJ,

and silly girls, Hope, almost 12, giving her mom a lift. 

A selfie of me and my son, Rob.

Ej, Anna and Beck, 3, looking high and low for Easter eggs.

Whether you are 8 1/2 like Wil,

or almost 12 like Hope hunting for eggs is still fun, especially if you know there are a few golden eggs with some cash inside.

A little "crack the egg" game on the trampoline. I was just happy that no heads got cracked.

A minor injury required some attention,

but all's well that ends with a good meal.

Yes, it is much the same year after year but it is that sameness, that is the traditions of family meals, family fun and family pictures that is special to me.


  1. I always enjoy seeing the photos of your family gatherings. The kids are growing and what great memories you're making. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, Jeanie, and Happy Easter to you! I enjoy seeing pictures of happy families and noting how the children grow over time. These grandchildren of yours have grown considerably since I came on board with you.

    The images of the kids hunting Easter eggs triggers fond childhood memories. My dad was president of the Lions Club and every year the organization hard boiled and colored dozens of eggs and staged a hunt at a park. Neighborhood families converged to witness the fun as children, some of them toddlers still learning to walk, combed the field for treasure.

    Thank you very much for sharing these heartwarming scenes from your family's celebration, dear friend Jeanie, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Thank you for always sharing your family! Easter egg hunting brings back so many wonderful memories. I can't wait for the next generation of mine to 1) arrive in this world, and 2) hunt for eggs! Love your pictures...they are all so cute!

  4. Looked like a lot of fun; fun to see Beck out there finding the eggs; I remember when he was a baby and not participating in the activities, but now he's "all grown up." Is there a limit on how many golden eggs someone can find? Traditions and families are wonderful; sounds like you guys have the best match of both of them!


  5. What a great celebration! Looks like everyone had fun, and it is the family togetherness that counts.

  6. All but one of the grandchildren are too big and too scattered. That one who is eleven, soon to be twelve, wanted to know when Easter was going to happen on Sunday because they were too busy preparing for their move to Kansas. Your beautiful memory creations are for the times you hit these dry spells.

  7. Oh, it looks like you had the most wonderful Easter! How pretty those little girls are -- and your whole family! Wishing you a lovely rest of April, Jeanie! I hope it's as perfect as Easter day was (except for the accident...)

  8. I love seeing your family as they grow over the years, Jeanie. They always make me smile.
    An Easter Egg Hunt is fabulous no matter what the age. My friend just told me her 23 year old daughter asked if she was going to get a basket now that she's home from college. The mom agreed but still hid it in the washing machine for her to find. Some traditions are just too good to change!

    xo jj

  9. All these years of blogging means that we have watched your beautiful grandkids grow up. What a great selfie. You look marvelous. I got a bit nostalgic when I read this. For the first time in years, I didn't have any of the family here for Easter. Then I read of your grandkids playing crack the egg on the trampoline, and I really got nostalgic. Our days of having the large yard with the tramp where the highlight of any gathering, Easter included, was jumping with the cousins are now gone. We sold the house and the tramp. I have memories of the games such crack the egg stored in my heart and in a few videos.

  10. Wow you have a HUGE dining table! How lovely that you all get together and like each other!
    My lot spend more time at war than loving each other. That's sad.
    Your grandchildren are gorgeous.
    And how many hands are fixing the injury!

  11. I, too, was thinking how big (and beautiful) that dining room table is. What a glorious day you all had!

  12. Family time is the most important. It looks like it was warm for Easter. Cute, cute, cute Grands!