Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just Lots of Christmas Pictures, Mostly For Me....But Fun To Share Too

I'm taking a few minutes out of my Christmas leftovers eating project to post a few pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas day. There are no deep thoughts or moving story here, just pictures to help me record a family activity, like much of my blog. I'm glad to share them with anyone who wants to look through them.

Christmas Eve couldn't have been more beautiful. A light snow started falling just about dark and lasted through the night. We woke up on Christmas day to a bright White Christmas.

We had lots of family and friends here on Christmas Eve....there was such a crowd that Beck felt like he needed to personally keep an eye on the candy in a candy dish. He really did just stand looking at it for a long time until someone finally gave him a piece. 

EJ's piano performance will be even better when she actually learns to play the piano.

Even Jared, at 12 years old, still seems to think it OK to get new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Wil seems to think these will fit him just fine.

New Christmas Eve pjs for EJ. Beck,

and Hope.

Christmas Day

No one had more Christmas spirit than our two 4 year olds, Anna & EJ.

Wil wasn't too sure about the plan to have brunch before opening presents.

Brunch for everyone....

and then the cousins exchanged gifts with lots of hugs and thanks.

It was news to me, but apparently these Superman socks (with a cape on the back) became a big deal last year when some football player wore them for the Heisman Trophy presentation. That's all I know, but everyone was excited that Jared got a pair.

Whew, Christmas can make a little guy pretty tired.

I hope we are all getting rested from a good Christmas and looking forward to a positive new year.


  1. Loved all the pictures, Jeanie. I'm always glad to see such beautiful and handsome young ladies and men! (I see Hope smiling a bit more :)

    Looked like a great time celebrating! And "picture perfect" too with the snow falling too!!

    I think Beck exhibited a lot of self control not to help himself to that candy.

    And EJ's piano recital, so cute!

    May you all have a Happy New Year!


  2. Fun photos! Glad you had such a great time with your grandkids, Jeanie. Who else plays the piano well? Lol.

  3. Such great memories being made here. Thanks for sharing your pics with us!

  4. Great photos. What a treasured time you all had.

  5. Now here is a big A W E ! They kids were all soooooo cute! Adorable. You are a lucky gal.

  6. Your grands are so adorable, and being together at Christmas will create lifelong memories. Also, I never heard about those Superman socks either, but they're pretty cute.

  7. Loved seeing your Grands with the big smiles.
    Nothing better than kids at Christmas!

  8. It's beautiful and your family is beautiful. I'm so glad it was a good one!

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  10. Looks like it was a lovely and memorable Christmas for one and all. Your grandkids are so adorable. Love the photos! Best wishes for peace and prosperity for every one of you in 2013! Cheers!

  11. Beautiful pics. Gorgeous kids. Nifty socks. Happy New Year!

  12. Hey Jeanie, You know me-- I love your family photos! The kids look so cute in the PJs :-) And those Superman socks are great!
    Happy 2013 to you and yours, xo jj