Monday, December 10, 2012

Chaotic Tradition

I love family traditions and one of my favorites is my grandkids coming every year to decorate my Christmas tree. There is always some chaos when all my grandkids get together but the tree decorating always seems to  have an extra measure of chaos.....good chaos, fun chaos, but chaos nevertheless. 

They love checking out the ornaments that they made when the were little and having a laugh at the ones with pictures that their parents made when they were little. My tree is not elegant, but it has a lot of tradition with ornaments going all the way back to my childhood.

Beck was very serious about finding just the right spot for each thing he (sort of)  hung on the tree. 

The older kids make sure that at least a few ornaments make it toward the top of the tree.
Jared (12)

Hope (10)

The real chaos comes into play when we try to get a picture of them all together in front of the tree. Beck was not exactly into being still for a picture.

Oops, there he goes.

Oh, well 6 out of  7 isn't too bad.

This one is from 4 years ago.....I can't imagine how grown up they will be 4 years from now.


  1. So cute! Honestly, Jeanie, it just seems like yesterday we were seeing the pictures and hearing about last year's tree decorating. How fast this year has gone! I love your tradition of it and I'm glad Beck got his hand in it this year!! Next year he'll sit still for his picture, I'm sure of it!!

    Great looking tree; beautiful/handsome grands. (Hope is really starting to turn from young girl to young lady; very pretty!)


  2. How cute! Four years from now? Hope will be 14, a young woman. And will there be still another grandkid? Lovely tree, lovely family.

  3. You make me miss our babies. 8 grandkids are (7) ages 23 to 18 and then we have our 10 year old Hope. Thankfully she's still got enough adventure in her to keep us all hoping. Beautiful bunch you have.

  4. What a fun tradition at Grandma's house!

  5. I look at that and I think that to me - that is what Christmas is all about. Lots of wonderful grands decorating the tree. So much fun and so many memories.

  6. now that is a beautiful tree!

  7. Your grandkids are so beautiful! That's a great tradition, trimming your tree together, and clearly they take it seriously. (Do you ever take the photo as they are beginning the process instead of at the end? The tree wouldn't be as fancy but the kids might be fresher.) Enjoy the season!

  8. Love this tradition. I'm going to do it with my grandkids someday too.
    I see a piano in the picture. Do you play?

  9. They are beautiful Jeanie. And so is that tree. Laden with memories, surrounded by laughter.

    What a lovely, lovely time!

    thanks for letting us peek!

  10. What an adorable Christmas photo. It will always be treasured. They are such beautiful children.

  11. LOVE this post. Love it, love it! How wonderful to have all the grands decorate the tree -- and then stay put in a photo. Mostly! Those child ornaments are the most precious. My kind of tree!