Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mom Moments

I tried to be a good mom, really I did, but like most all of us, I had a few mom moments that I'm not exactly proud of. 

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I'm  not sure why but most of the mom moments that come readily to my mind involve my oldest daughter, Jill....the middle child. Jill always said that her big brother and her little sister got the better deal. If these memories of mom moments are any indication she may be right.

When Jill was about 3, and not yet a middle child, we got to church one day with Jill dressed in a cute little dress and shoes and found out she was absolutely bare-bottomed. Everyone's mom has forgotten to give their kid panties to wear at one time or another.....right?

Another time, another trip to church, but this time it was for the opening service in a brand-spanking new church building. While we were getting ready Jill said her stomach didn't feel so good. Stellar mom that I was I said something like "I'm sure it will feel better soon" and off we went. A commotion during the service turned out to be Jill throwing up from her seat with her friends in the second row onto the seat in the row in front of her and then all the way up the aisle to the back of the building. I certainly didn't win very many mom points that day.

Then there was the time I left her on the side of the highway. We were traveling and a small carton of milk that had been left in a cup holder had gone bad. I pulled over so Jill could jump out and pour the sour milk out. While Jill was pouring the milk, her sister, Joanna, closed the door and of course I thought Jill was back in the van and off I went. I think Joanna has to share the blame for this one with me since she was in no hurry to tell me Jill wasn't with us. We did retrieve her but I think she may still be mad about that one.

I'll save the story of the time we lost her in an elevator for another time.

What was your worst mom moment?
Please don't leave me thinking I am the only one that has had them.


  1. oh boy I think we all have bad mom moment....I'm sure my kids could think of a lot of them....when my daughter was around 2 she had the chicken poxs a really bad case...she was cranky...irratable...was throwing a fit and fell on her rocking chair that she had thrown over and the rung hit her on her ribs on her back...we had hard wood floors to boot...she cried but got over it...the next morning when I was changing her out of her pjs to go to the Dr. to ger her chicken pox checked..she had a big bruise and was swollen...she had bruised her rib...I felt like a horrible Mom...then had to explain it to the Dr. with out looking like an abusive MOm...

  2. I was driving when I heard a noise. I looked in the back seat and there was my youngest daughter clinging to the door as it had swung open while she was leaning on it. No one wore seat belts back then. Very frightening. I should have made sure the door was shut all the way. We all screw up in one way or another!

  3. Maybe the time my daughter broke her collar bone and I told her she was fine and didn't get her to a doctor until 2 days later. In my defense at first the dr. said it wasn't broken. Another three days passed, another x-ray and yes, it was broken.

    Or the time (same child) complained about her eyes and I thought she just wanted glasses, which was partly true, but when the eye doc asked her to read whatever line was most comfortable and I heard her say, 'I think that's an E' I wanted to cry.

    One thing about kids, and I must add, especially the second one : ) ....they are resilient!

  4. We've all had bad Mom moments for sure. But our children lived through it and now we can look back and laugh about it. It seems my oldest daughter had a couple of incidents while in her infant seat. Once she wiggled herself off the coffee table while sitting in it. I still feel bad about that one.

  5. How does this one grab you?

    When Maria was 2-1/2 years old, I took her to the pool. I lay down on my towel and closed my eyes. Suddenly, the woman standing next to me said, "Isn't that your daughter?"

    Maria was bobbing in the water, gasping for air, and finally sank to the bottom of the pool.

    I had forgotten to attach water wings to her arms.

    The woman jumped in and brought Maria to the surface. Her face was blue and she was not breathing. I pumped her back and water gushed out of her mouth. She woke up.

    I took her to the ER, and x-rays were taken. Since there was water in her lungs, she and I had to spend the night in the hospital. Next day, more x-rays, and she was discharged!!!

  6. Heeehehehe!!!! What a great laugh these Mama Moments were.

    I swear ya ask a room full of kids who has the meanest parents and 100% of the hands go up.

    Geek Son used to tell me that I gave Social Butterfly diplomatic immunity. Where do they get this stuff???

    Great fun post sweetie.

    God bless and have an incredible day!!! :o)

  7. We have all had them. My son was the class clown - it started with saying prayers in Donald Duck's voice in pre-school, so by the time he was a teenager I usually looked the other way. But, during his confirmation ceremony at church, in his new white shirt and tie, he threw back his head and held his nose. I rolled by eyes and thought what now? Well, he really did have a bloody nose and I just sat there while others scrambled to get him tissue. Oh, well, what can you do?

    I also like those moments when you are doing the things your mother did and you vowed you would never do that!

  8. I left my teething daughter in a chair in the living room while I went into the kitchen for a minute. She started fussing and I kept saying "cool your jets, I'll be there in a minute!", thinking along the lines of helping her learn about patience, etc. When I finally went back, she was choking on her teething cookie! I flipped her upside down and pushed her diaphragm, and the cookie shot out across the room. Needless to say, I felt like the worst mommy ever.

  9. You have me laughing with this one. I am not laughing at you. I am laughing with you! I think you were a great mom. We have our distractions after all, but that doesn't mean we don't try to do our best.

    I left my middle child in the crib at a friend's house and started to head home after our lunch get-together. She came running out the door to remind me to get my baby!

    I left my fourth child in the car, wrapped in blankets, sitting in the sun on a chilly, but sunny day while I quickly ran into my friend's house. When I came out, my baby was obviously very overheated and in distress. I felt so stupid! Now I shudder when I hear of parents who left a child in the car and the child died.

  10. Yes, we've all had some incidents that we would like to forget. When my son was about three, he was sitting at the table eating his pancakes. He was spitting and basically making a mess. I pushed his little head a bit hard and told him to LEAN OVER IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A MESS. Out shot a nickel he had been choking on. I didn't even know it until it came out. There are more incidents, but I think I'll keep them to myself. There is no statute of limitations on these things are there???

  11. I'm loving this list of "mom of the year" awards! I feel like I fit in just fine!

    First day of school, I forgot to pick #1 up, and by the time I got a call, he was the only kid left in the whole school!

    Pregnant with #2, I was at a pool party, watching as #1 made his way into the jacuzzi...right down to the bottom. Luckily, my friend was right behind him and brought him up immediately.

    These are some great stories! Great post, my friend!

  12. HAHA - such funny stories. No you are not alone. My husband was holding my son - about 35 years ago - and he pulled a women's wig off and she was on a date. He cried he didn't know how he pulled her hair off. That was embarrassing. sandie♥

  13. Oh, this cracks me up! I think the only reason I don't have bad mom moments is because with Rick's kids, I just saw them part time! There was a bad moment of breaking down in tears at the table once after a trying day and giving forth, but I'm not sure if that was bad mom or a needed wake-up call on their behavior! Well, I don't know -- I know it's easier to laugh about when it's not your kid, but I'll smile often about hurling up the aisle in church!

  14. The stories sure are funny now.

    When Put Pie was 2 and potty-trained for #2, but not #1 I took her to a baby shower. A couple of hours into it, she was sitting on my lap and I realized I had never put a diaper on her after she used the bathroom for #2 at our house. The poor thing had been holding her pee for the longest. When she finally got to pee, it was sooo much. That's when I realized she was pretty much potty trained for #1 too.

  15. Don't worry Mom, no permanent damage was done. Such is the life of a middle child! : )

  16. haha, we've all had moments like that where we were less than the 'perfect' mom. But life goes on and they live through those times, don't they? and we all look back and laugh at them!

  17. I don't have any kids of my own but when I used to babysit godson. I made the "stomach ache" mistake too.... a church! It was not pretty.

    I'm sure you're daughter turned out just fine ;-)

    xoxo jj

  18. What a confession time (o:
    Does she read your blog??? Funny.
    I will save mine for when we are together....
    This week and next week are crazy. Are you working on Monday the 26th? or Wed. the 28th?

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  20. Oh yikes! I could just picture all that. I have to say it's a good thing I have such a bad memory since my mind went blank just now in trying to remember. It'll come to me during dinner, I'm sure.