Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fragments/Freewheeling Friday

Yikes! That is about all I can say about this past week. I have been playing catch-up at work from being sick on Tuesday and I have been playing catch-up at home because, well, because I am almost never caught up at home. I am even less caught up at home than usual because I have been spending too much time trying to get a new laptop up and running.....quite a challenge for the techno-deficient.


In the spirit of catching-up I need to catch-up with some family birthdays.
My grandson, Wil, turned six on August 23. 

My daughter, Jill and my son, Rob, celebrated birthdays on September 8th and 13th. This picture is actually from a couple of years ago because we sort of missed celebrating their birthdays last year and we haven't gotten together to celebrate this year (but we will).

Here's why we missed Rob and Jill's birthdays last grandson, Beck, turned 1 on September 12.  There is a family party for Beck on Saturday and I am sure Rob and Jill will be celebrated also.


My friend, Sam, dropped by my office on her Harley to visit me last week. I have ridden a Harley and it is not an easy thing to do. I"m very impressed that Sam, who is about my age, rides her bike everywhere and is strong enough to keep it upright. 


I, sadly, have not yet heard from the Queen about coming to tea, but I'm still leaving for London this weekend. I'll be gone for about a week. If I get my new laptop to cooperate I'm sure I'll be checking in on blogs when I can.

If anyone has any tips about gate-crashing at Buckingham Palace, please let me know. 


  1. Happy Birthday to all!

    A Harley? Wow, I'm impressed, I've never attempted that!

    Have a fabulous time in jolly London!

  2. How exciting to go to London! I could FedEx Koda to you and perhaps that would help you get an invite to tea with the queen?

    Happy birthday to all and I cannot believe Beck is a year old already!

    sorry you were sick earlier in the week, it is hard to catch up and plan for a trip ahead!

    Wow I am amazed with your friend and the Harley. Good for her though!!! (I'm sure she wears a helmet, isn't that awful, always a mom here :)

    have a good weekend!


  3. Well gosh say happy birthday to everyone from me and say hello to the Queen! sandie

  4. have a great trip...maybe you should try Lucy's trick...I don't think she ever broke those guards...maybe you can...

  5. Wow! A friend with a Harley. I´m impressed! :)
    Beck is just the cutest like always. I can´t believe he´s one already.
    Are you going alone to London? Or with a friend? I hope you have an awesome time. Counting on seeing some pics afterward.

  6. Can't you find wi-fi and blog in London? That would be so cool. I spent 2 weeks in London in 1969--a long time ago! Time to go again!

  7. What a lot of birthdays at once! I love your friend with the Harley,she has spunk. I'm sure if I tried to sit on one it would fall over and crush me like a bug.

  8. Hi Jeanie,

    HAVE A GREAT, GREAT VACATION! (I'm a little jealous.) I hope it's fantastic and everything you hope for. And I'm sure the Queen's driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign that has your name on it :-)

    Happy belated birthdays to everyone in your family. I love birthdays-- actually I love cake and birthdays are a good excuse to eat some guilt free.

    High five to your friend on the Harley. Those babies are heavy, so good for her!!!

    Safe travels, xo jj

  9. Have a great trip! Wish I knew the Queen better - I guess you're on your own!

  10. Happy Birthday to all of the family members who celebrate in September!

    I wish I had a laptop! Good luck. If I did have one, I know my cherubims would gladly show me how to use it.

    England!!! Have a wonderful time!

  11. Yay, for September 8th birthdays and the beautiful daughters they belong too. Screw the Queen, you'll have a blast without her.

  12. Wow - Sam must be strong to be able to keep that huge but lovely bike upright.

    Happy Birthday to everyone in your family!

  13. As I write this, you are probably in or en route to London. I'm sure your note from the Queen was delayed in the mail -- just stop by. She'll love seeing you! Have fun!

  14. lots of cacthing up!
    So happy for is almost time to see the Queen (o:
    Have a ball!!! Can't wait to hear.
    My friend just celebrated her 60th by doing 100 I am jealous. Your friend riding a Harley reminds me of her (o:

  15. Congrats with all the birthdays! and i think your friend looks awesome!

    I hope you have a great week!

  16. Oh sweetie...tea in London with or without the Queen has to be simply marvelous! Woohoo...I'm just thrilled for ya. Have a grand old time!

    Happy birthday to have a busy September don't ya?

    God bless and have a grand trip!

  17. Jeanie,

    A nice catch-up on family birthdays, and friends. I am impressed with the Harley, and Sam riding it. Have a fantastic time in London. I called Queen Elizabeth and she said she has a room ready for you.