Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Year, Another Parade.....All In A Good Way

Our little town's Labor Day parade is an annual tradition for my family. We have all gone to the parade together for many, many years and all my kids have been in it at one time or another. I didn't do a great job of getting pictures of all the kids together this year, but great or not here are a few of the ones I got. 

Some friends of Joanna's very kindly bought balloons for all the little kids.

 A lot of candy gets thrown to the crowd, so you have to be ready and you have to have a big bag. In addition to candy, this year they went home with footballs and full sized soccer balls that were thrown from floats.

Jill and Joanna always impress the kids by singing the fight song from their old high school when the school's band goes by. 

Beck watched the whole parade wide-eyed and happy.

The big kids made sure the little kids got their share of candy and Anna dove right in to hers. 

When she stood up we found out what she had been doing with her wrappers. 

The years really go by quickly....Anna and Ellis have grown up a lot since their first parade 3 years ago. 

Ours is not a fancy starts with fire engines and police cars and ends with city trucks and milk trucks with lots of clowns and bands and politicians in the middle, but it is a fun family tradition. 


  1. You did a fine job of capturing happy faces this year! Way to go!

  2. I love town parades like this!! Always fun to see whatever is marching by as well as spending time with family and friends! Beck is getting so big!! Next year he'll want to be marching in the parade!


  3. This is the best kind of parade I think. The fire trucks and local businesses show a pride in the town and in the people. This is a wonderful family tradition you have.

  4. this is fun -- and those children are absolutely perfect! I always go to a small-town Fourth of July parade -- and it's silly with the fire engines and police cars and every dog in town, but I love it! And if we don't go, I feel like the summer wasn't complete!

  5. Looks like perfect weather too! I loved your pictures. The kids sure grow up fast, don´t they? Beck is just the cutest little guy!

    P.S. I fixed the Word verification thingy on my other blog. Should be turned off now.

  6. Hi Jeanie, Your parade sounds just like our here in Windsor. We had more floats this year-the whole parade last 2 hrs and we were sitting near the end of the route so some folks had given out all their candy. The grandkids loved it though. Such fun.
    Have a great weekend-I'll be with your friend Pam this Sat.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Looks like a great parade.
    If we ever stay in town that weekend...we should check it out.
    Love those babies...they have indeed grown a lot.
    Now Beck is growing so fast (o:

  8. I love a parade also, but I especially I love one that is full of hometown pride and community spirit. You get that in small towns.

    Your babies are just darling!

  9. When we lived in Illinois we had those kind of parade in the neighborhood - they were so much fun. Don't have them here. You took great pictures, looks like everyone was having a great time. Lovely family. Sandie

  10. Lots of happy faces on those adorable children. Beck is a doll!

  11. Your town parade reminds me of our 4th parade in Breckenridge, though now it seem to draw hordes of people. I rarely go down unless the Grands are visiting. Love the pic of your Granddaughter and the candy wrappers stuck to the back of her dress!

  12. looks like fun to me! adorable grand babies!!!

  13. Nothing like a home town parade! The kids are so cute! That little Beck has some beautiful blue eyes and the girls are cute, too. Glad you had a good time.

  14. I loved that kind of parade when I was a kid. Your grands are so cute and look so happy...what a great family tradition.

  15. What gorgeous photos of the kids.

  16. Oh Golly! It sure looks good! And those little kinds are just soooo cute!

    I hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing your family tradition!

  17. I think your small town parade looked like lots of fun! I loved the kids in all of these pictures...they were just so cute! I especially enjoyed Beck...and the darling baby girls at the end. Children are just such blessings.

    Glad you could capture the memory here on your blog. They all grow up so quickly. (:>)