Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We have a mouse in our garage. He is a pretty cute little guy and if we thought he was an orphan we would probably just let him stay for a while. Doc, who I have named head mouse rustler around here, doesn't have the heart to do anything like try to catch him in a trap.

The problem is that it is likely that he has a family somewhere close and if we let this little guy stay and play they will all probably want to move in and we will just have one big mouse party in our garage.

Another problem is that our dog, Dodger, goes outside through a dog door from the utility room to the garage and another dog door from the garage to outside. That means anything we put in the garage to catch or kill  the mouse might also have a chance of catching our nosy dog.

I'm sure Doc will be shopping tomorrow for whatever kind of humane, dog safe, mouse rustling equipment he can find. In the meantime, I just hope that I don't get up in the morning  to find a big 'ol mouse party going on in my garage.

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  1. Mouse traps hidden behind things the dog can't get to would be best. Poison is just that... poisonous and not really safe for anyone... particularly the dog!
    Good luck getting rid of the mouse and his no doubt BIG FAMILY!

  2. having had to "evict" a family recently, I understand what your thoughts are. With trepidation, I still go into the garage wondering if I'll see any "straglers". Not sure what hubby used, but Koda didn't have access to the garage while traps were set and whatever he used, he had almost "instant" success. If they could cohabitat with us and not let their presence known and not over populate, I'd be okay, but.......

    good luck!


  3. We had trouble with mice until we got a cat. The mice moved out!

  4. I remember the custodian at our school put out mouse traps that were heavy duty sticky paper. The mice got stuck on the sticky paper and then he disposed of the mice that got stuck on it. It would be safer for Dodger that way provided it doesn't stick to his nose.

  5. We had mice in the walls chewing the electrical wires so we had to get rid of them...

  6. Eek is right! We had one in our garage a few years ago and it got in my car. I went out to leave for work one morning and he was sitting in the passenger seat. The hubby took care of it but it was months before I could get in my car without searching for evidence of another one. I still shudder when I think about it.

  7. Ewwwwe! I hate hate mice!!
    If it were in my garage I´d avoid going in there. Hope you catch it/them soon!

  8. I thought I was the only one who had trouble with killing mice. Once I had a baby mouse pop up threw one of my gas stove burners. I found a mouse trap and put some cheese in it and set it out. Then I watched the little guy twitching his whiskers and looking at me.
    Shoot. It was such a cute little critter. I took away the trap and left the bite of cheese. Out solution to that one was to plug a hole behind the stove.
    I think there is some kind of mouse house or something. Cats are my mouse solutions or catching them and taking them out back to the woods.
    Mice don't scare me. I hate possums, now those critters are just NASTY!

  9. Borrow the best mouse hunting cat in the neighborhood.

  10. I doubt that it's Mickey Mouse. Then again, it could be Mighty Mouse, in which case you want to listen carefully as he says, "here I come to save the day".

  11. Some dogs will get the mouse just like a cat would....maybe not Dodger(o:
    I like the advice of borrowing a cat( my cat just looks at a annoying) but then you have to keep the dog away. Hmmmm... go mouse trap shopping (o:

  12. Hope there not the 'super mouse' breed we have 'round the Ponderosa!!!

    Do ya have a dog carrier that the top cage comes off where you could put something that Doc cannot get into??? When we had a dairy we put Coke in the milk~barn that worked better than the poison we used there.

    Good luck girl.

    God bless and enjoy your day!!!

  13. I really, really dislike mice (all rodents). They are the one thing that give me a fright - I can handle snakes, bugs, bats, but not mice. We had problems a few years ago until we got some of those sonic emitter things at the hardware store. No mice since.

  14. me and rodents...dont get along...I've been known to knock my own children down to get away from them...try the sticky things...they work

  15. LOL...LOVE the mouse with the helmet!!hahahhahha

    EEEEEKKKK...a mouse in the house! Hope Doc somes to the rescue soon!