Friday, March 18, 2011

Do You Remember Who Was Your First Follower?

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I started blogging as a way to help me pay more attention to my own life and to help me better remember family events and activities. I was pretty clueless about blogging. I certainly didn't expect it would ever be read by anyone but me and maybe a few family and friends. I had read a few blogs written by people I knew but I didn't really know a follower from a Frisbee in the beginning.

Over time I started reading some of the blogs that people I knew followed and started leaving a comment here and there. Then one day I had a follower! It was ChrisH at Diet Coke Rocks.


Chris, from New Zealand,  is a beautiful, "tell it like it is" blogger, and she has plenty to tell. She is the mother of six and the grandmother of seven. She and her husband, Stew, are raising two of their grandchildren. She is a very talented and creative seamstress. Her unique way of expressing what is going on in her life and what is on her mind always makes it fun to visit  Diet Coke Rocks .

I still write my blog for the reasons I started it. I'm not exactly overrun with followers and I appreciate each and every one of the followers I have and friends I have made. Every time I get a new follower I remember the excitement I felt that day Chris became my first follower. Thanks, Chris.

Do you remember who was your first follower?


  1. I will have to check Chris' blog out; I like the name of it. She sounds interesting. I don't remember who my first follower was, Jeanie. Isn't that awful? A lot of the people whose blogs I read and who read mine, we used to be "together" on AOL when AOL still had journals; they canceled the service and a lot of us moved over to Blogger. At AOL, they didn't have the follower feature; you could sign up to get alerts when someone updated their blog and you got an alert via your email address, but you never knew who was getting those alerts, no numbers were attached to it. So when we all moved over to Blogger and had that follower widget, it was hard to remember who actually was the first one that followed the new blog I created here. Make sense?

    I do enjoy, like you, every single person who does read my words and chooses to follow the blog or comment on it; it is so much fun to get to know others across the world like this :)

    have a great weekend!


  2. it is funny how my followers have changed...and the blogs I follow have changed also...I don't think I follow many of the blogs I started out following...I do enjoy getting new followers that actually comment on a regular basis...some follow but never say a word...I'm glad I found your blog

  3. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't remember who mine was, but I do know that Chris was one of the early ones. She is a hoot and I love to see what she is up to.

    I am also very grateful to have met so many wonderful people through blogging, whether they follow me or not.

    You are one of these wonderful people, Jeannie!

  4. Sure shootin' I do!!! My DIL (brave woman) decided that my emails to her were too good to sit on so she set me up a blog usin' about three of my good mornin' emails. She was my first follower from the get go.

    A friend signed up as my second. It was months before I had another.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. I'm going to have to try to figure out who my first follower was but I still remember Marisa from Getting Back To Basics was the first commenter I wasn't related to :-)

    Chris H is fabulous and so talented! I'm a regular reader of hers too!

    Have a great weekend, jj

  6. I have NO IDEA who my first follower was! Thats sad! I'm just happy ANYONE wanys to follow my blog and read my drivel! lol
    Thanks for the lovely mention on your blog Chick....[[[HUGS]]]

  7. I really don't. I wonder if my first follower remembers? I met Chris at my friends, The Righteous Buzz. She is actually a real life friend and used to be very prolific and funny blogger. I was clueless too. (maybe still am) I remember finding your blog pretty early. It's more fun than any of us could ever imagine.

  8. I love having followers, but I'm closer to the ones who are on my side bar since they are the ones who visit, leave comments and become part of my cyber family. Granted my sidebar friends have been fluid in the last couple of years because some have decided to stop blogging and I've found new visitors who have wonderful blogs.

  9. I sure do. I remember blogging and posting for quite a while before I had a follower.

  10. I remember it was one of two people - but I can't remember which was first. I do remember being quite surprised that anyone out there actually wanted to read my drivel.

  11. I love Chris! My first follower was not a blogger just someone I bullied into following me.

  12. I too love Chris!! I'm not really sure who my first follower was either but I' going to try and find out!

  13. Jeanie,
    I sadly have no idea who my first was but I feel like you...I am thankful for anyone who wants to follow and am appreciative of ALL of them. I have made some tremendous friendships and my community of writers has tnriched my life for sure.
    Good topic! and thansk for letting me visit :)

  14. Yes I know who my first follower was. People come and go in Followers but the people who comment on so many posts are the ones that we bloggers make relationships with, like with you. I may not comment on every single post but I read almost all and have a connection with you and care about you.

  15. Followers come and go, it seems. Quite a few have stopped blogging and disappeared from my virtual life...